There are no qualifications to become an adventure. It is common for adventurers to be powerful people like spellcasters or martial fighters.

Career Progression

There is no progression tree as an adventurer, but finding treasure, earning renown and money are all goals that can be achieved as a person becomes more powerful and better.

Payment & Reimbursement

Adventuring is a very dangerous job and it is hard to succeed. There is no guarantee at all that a person will make a living or continue living when they choose to become an adventurer.

Other Benefits

Those who succeed as an adventurer often gain job opportunities, earn a lot of gold and gain fame. The most successful adventurers can become great lords, guild leaders or achieve other goals they might seek in life.



The purpose of an adventurer is to fight creatures, find treasure and often protect people who can not do what they do.

Social Status

Depending on the feats and morality of the adventurer the person can be seen as a hero or a greedy mercenary.



The tools adventurers totally depend on a person, there are no standard equipment for adventurers and most seem to find their own way and style.

Dangers & Hazards

Many adventurers die or get hurt during their time. Most adventurers will not make it long in the career and many will also fail on their way either dying or be damaged or crippled for life. The threats of creatures, people and other organizations are high.
Alternative Names
Treasure hunter, Mercenary
Social Services
There is no demand of adventurer but good adventurers make life easier for many people.


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