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Pox of Insanity

(Legacy Content)
Pos of Insanity is a dreadful disease that easily renders the afflicted unable to perform an assortment of things through the manifestation of other mental illnesses. The Pox can manifest as one disease for a few hours, then turn into a different one at a whim and last for days more. To make matters worse, once an individual has the disease, their ever changing condition makes it exceedingly difficult to treat and cure - acting almost like a curse as well as a disease.

Transmission & Vectors

Pos of Insanity is transmitted through the inane ramblings of those afflicted by the disease. These ramblings appear to carry malicious, magical emanations that can affect the minds of bystanders if they stay in close proximity for long enough. It is unknown how long this period of time ranges from, but considering the random nature of the disease itself, it could be any number of times all at once.


The cause of the disease is presumed to be of demonic origin, possibly from a demon of pride or sloth, or perhaps a currently unknown demonic hybrid.


Pox of Insanity manifests as any number of mental illnesses, be it one at a time or multiple at once. The actual number of diseases the pox incurs is unknown - possibly infinite given the condition's nature - but some cases could include dementia, post-traumatic-stress-disorder, schizophrenia, coma, and so forth.


There exists no known treatment for the pox itself, and the diseases it emulates oftentimes switch so rapidly that treatment of those diseases will typically prove unuseful.


While the duration of the disease is just as random as the assortment of accompanying diseases, if the victim does not die as a result of one of those diseases, the pox simply dissipates on its own, leaving behind any physical or mental damage it has done.

Affected Groups

This condition can affect any sapient creature if given enough time.


Usually, prevention is ensured by maintaining a distance of at least 30 ft (9 m) from anyone who is currently suffering from the pox, since it seems to be proximity based. Any solid material of at least 6" (152 mm) thickness will block the magical emanations.
Extremely Rare


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Injured."

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