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Pattern of Doubt

(Legacy Content)
Pattern of Doubt describes a spell that seeds moments of doubt within the minds of the target, thereby lowering their will to fight. The spell comes in two variants, the first being a single target spell, and the second being more powerful, and capable of affecting multiple targets. The use of this spell is commonly seen as a more humane method of ending a conflict between two parties - rather than having them destroy each other.


Pattern of doubt creates doubts in the mind of the target about their current goals, and by seeing resistance to those goals, begin to fear their enemy and possibly begin to route. This only works if the target is of weak mind, however, so the more stalwart of opponents may need several attempts and castings for the spell to work properly.


The spell manifests as thoughts of doubt for the target, and a thin black fog over the target's head for the caster.


Spells of any sort and in any school of Maijure rely on a person's innate pool of Maijurum to function.


This spell was discovered alongside others in a small, decrepit shack in the middle of the woods, where the long decayed body of an old man lay at the back of the room clutching a strangely immaculate spellbook titled, "Fimbus' Grimoire." Nevertheless, the spells contained within were unlike any seen before, and quickly picked up by most arcane schools based purely on their usefulness.
Related School
Effect Duration
10 minutes, or until discharged
Effect Casting Time
6 seconds
30 ft, or up to ten targets within 30 ft of one another
2nd or 4th


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Pattern."

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