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Increase Edibility

(Legacy Content)
The spell Increase Edibility allows the caster to make amounts of usually non-edible material edible. This is especially useful in locations where food shortages are common, or for long trips on caravans that need to feed large amounts of people. This can also allow for such caravans to instead only carry rations of water, and devote more of their carrying space to actual cargo.


When the spell is cast, an amount of material dependent on the power of the caster (5 ft3 per level) is made edible. The spell does not affect the senses of the material however, so if the spell is cast upon wood, it will still taste and feel like wood. Likewise, rotten or spoiled food can also be made edible by this spell, but it will retain a taste, smell, and appearance as such. The only material that can be altered in this way is naturally occurring, organic materials, such as wood, grass, animal shells, and bones, but not stone, dirt, sand, steel, and so forth.


The spell does not alter the affected materials, save for making them pliable by humanoid teeth - essentially reducing the hardness enough so the material can be eaten.


Spells of any sort and in any school of Maijure rely on a person's innate pool of Maijurum to function.


This spell was taught by native Arbo-kin in the Ysrailorean forests to those who were willing to listen. It has since been transposed into numerous texts and spellbooks since then.
Related School
Effect Duration
10 minutes
Effect Casting Time
6 seconds
30 ft


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Tasty." Though, upon later inspection, it will also serve as my entry for "Ripe" as well... Two birds, one stone, all that good stuff.

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