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Drunken Ramblings

(Legacy Content)
The spell Drunken Ramblings subjects a target with a state of severe drunkenness, thereby instilling a form of sickness and confusion in the target. This spell has been subject to much criticism over the years since its discovery, due to its relatively limited usefulness. However, given the context of its creator, it is unsurprising why it exists in the first place.


Drunken Ramblings render the target of the spell severely drunk, effectively giving it confusion and sickness simultaneously if they are weak of body. If the target continues to be affected by the spell for long enough, they will instead become stunned shortly as they vomit the contents of the stomach.


The spell manifests as a quickly worsening drunken state in the user for the duration.


Spells of any sort and in any school of Maijure rely on a person's innate pool of Maijurum to function.


This spell was discovered alongside others in a small, decrepit shack in the middle of the woods, where the long decayed body of an old man lay at the back of the room clutching a strangely immaculate spellbook titled, "Fimbus' Grimoire." Nevertheless, the spells contained within were unlike any seen before, and quickly picked up by most arcane schools based purely on their usefulness.
Gestures & Ritual
While casting the spell, the caster must ramble inanely. If the caster is also drunk while casting this spell, the effect is amplified on the target twice-fold, though it will be somewhat easier to resist.
Related School
Effect Duration
Depends on the power of the caster (1 round per level)
Effect Casting Time
6 seconds (1 round)
30 ft


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Dizzy." A fun little spell inspired by a strange character with an even stranger playstyle.

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