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Drakemaw Dragonborn

Deep within the earth under the Drakemaw Mountains lies the dwarven fortresses of what is now called the Rock Drake Imperium. Throughout the ages, these dwarves have lived, fought, and died under these mountains. For as long as the dwarves have been there the Drakemaw Dragonborn have also been there. At some time during the early years of the Aloran, the dwarves and Dragonborn fought a terrifying war which ended in the Dragonborn entering a state of slavery that would endure to this very day. The Drakemaw Dwarves place magical collars and bracelets on hatchlings that will prevent them from harming a dwarf intentionally and they cut off and sear the stump to the point where it will not grow back.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Due to their prolonged enslavement, the Dragonborn use the dwarven style of naming.

Family names

The majority of Drakemaw Dragonborn have no family name but the few that are owned by the noble or wealthy dwarven clans adopt the name of the clan.


Major language groups and dialects

Over time the Drakemaw Dragonborn developed their own language, Dragon Dwarven. Every Drakemaw Dragonborn knows this language.

Shared customary codes and values

The majority of them share a sense of Unity and a desire for freedom

Art & Architecture

These Dragonborn have developed a wall art that tells the story of the artist. It is their way of memorializing their existence. Slave chambers, hatcheries and maintenance halls are filled with art.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Any Drakemaw Dragonborn outside of the mountains is often seen rubbing their wrist when they get nervous or threatened.

Languages spoken

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