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The old, aristocratic kingdom of Cardas prides itself in its vast mineral resources. Cardas has huge amounts of gold, silver, iron, cobalt, gems and other valuable ores in its soil. Not only the harvesting but also metallurgy and weaponry are specialities of the Cadrasi, their weapons unrivaled by the other kingdoms. Their history dates back to the first settlers of men in Alldras, which makes them one of the oldest kingdoms in existence. Living in the rich hills and forests of Cardas, they quickly thrived in small settlements, which then grew to full fledged cities, driven by a natural interest in progress.   However, their land was torn by clan wars for the first few centuries, until the eldest of their people came together to negociate, forming what ruled Cardas henceforth up to this day: The enclave. As their society grew, the clans became families, houses, which were no longer determined by their age, but by their wealth. This resulted in the modern enclave, which consists mostly of traders, successful scientists and a few aristocrats which didnt spent their families heirlooms for decadence.   Once Nyr and her army arrived in Alldras, a giant rift opened in the center of the capital, Anadûl, from which the demonic knights and the Empress herself emmerged. The Cardasi fought at first, but even their advanced weaponry and battle strategies were no match for the few, but powerful beings emmerging from the rift. The enclave saw their wealth and power in danger, so they took the gamble to plede allegiance to the foreign invaders, and became their first conquered Kingdom. The enclave kept their position, of course under House Leonhearts guidance, and their armies paved the way for further conquest throughout Alldras.   After the war, Nyr made Cardas to her own kingdom, and Anadûl became the seat of the abyssal Citadel, Nyrs home. She focused her efforts on mining and harvesting the natural resources of her land, cut a lot of restrictions for scientists and engineers within her realm, be it by law or by morale, and focused mainly on technological advancement, leaving them with no regards for their environment. Now, after 100 years, Cardas is mainly a wasteland of urban cities and machines, focused on progress and technology. The seaside of Cardas is still somewhat left untouched, but wont suffice to sustain the country, leading Cardas to be dependent on natural goods from Calavion in order to sustain themselves.


Ruled by the enclave, a council consisting of members of the five most powerful houses of Cardas, under Nyrs guidance of course.

Public Agenda

Drive for advancement and enhancement of their technology and progress, at any costs.


Silver, Gold, Iron, various other minerals and metals, advanced weaponry and technology, experts at metallurgy and combining magic with technology and clockwork.

Progress, by all means possible.

Alternative Names
The abyss, land of Iron and Fire
Controlled Territories

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