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Vulgarand Cordos

"The Lesser" Vulgarand Cordos (a.k.a. the Tower)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is a mountain of a man, riddled with muscles and strength. He is a lot tougher and stronger than your average human, easily capable of cleaving a grown man in half with his sword.

Body Features

Scarred, muscular body. He has a pale, greyish skin complexion and a good chunk of his left forearm is missing due to a bite wound he suffered years ago.

Facial Features

Grey beard, a few missing teeth, a nose that appears to have been broken a few times. A ring piercing through his right brow.

Special abilities

Short range blinks, vanishing

Apparel & Accessories

He carries one of Nyrs "Surrealis"-rings, an item specifically forged to embody one special power the wearer chooses. Vulgarands ring allows him to disappear for up to five seconds and blink over short distances.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vulgarand is the second son to a warchief of a Nadaari tribe, with an older brother called Thorgarand. They lived their lives under the rule of their father, which shaped them into the men they were. Or at least he tried to, because his sons, while similar in their fighting prowess and skills, were vastly different in their personality:   His brother was a rigeous and noble man who even caught the attention of a cardasi nobleman, granting him the rank of a knight and made his family into a vassal of his house. Vulgarand however only knew one thing in that regard: Envy for his brother. He lacked his empathy and code of honor, but he still strifed for the rank of knight. This feeling became even worse when the nobleman, out of a lack for an heir, decided to name his brother the rightful heir to his house, causing his brother to become lord and knight Vulgarand out of kindness. This felt like mockery to the younger sibling, which only deepened the hatred for his older brother. From that point onward, he saught for a way to get rid of his brother and to claim his place.   His chance finally in form of a tourney at the abyssal citadel. Every knight was allowed to challenge any other knight to a duel, under the rule of stopping once first blood was drawn. Vulgarand challenged his brother, and fought her under the eyes of Nyr herself. Vulgarand shattered his brothers sword hand with his saber, disarmed him and grasped the blade of his weapon, just to use the crossguard as a hammer against his brothers helmet. He battered his brothers head until blood poured out of its eyesockets... his helmet long reduced to half its original size by then. With his brother dead on the ground, Nyr asked him why he had killed his brother. All he said was: "You said "first blood." Not where from. Or how much."   After this deed he became the Lord of his brothers lands, but proved to be a lousy ruler. He quickly wasted the wealth his brother had prospered for so long, ran his land to the ground and finally lost his lordship to one of his sellswords he had knighted. After that, he earned the nickname "the lesser", a mockery in regards to the fact his brother had been called "the greater".   Defeated and ashamed, he went to Lysa Aurora and trained under her in Ortu solis, expanding on his already vast fighting capabilities. Lysa recommended him to Nyr, which knew of his strife for power but she knew that he was no match for her own abilities. She thought of him as the perfect guard dog: Highly dangerous, but incapable of hurting her. She accepted him as the commander of her royal guard, a title he holds to this day.


Combat training at Ortu Solis.


Royal Guard Commander.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Killing his brother
  • becoming a knight
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Losing the title of lord and his lands
  • Intellectual Characteristics

    Has a weird sense of humor, has extensive knowledge of processing and hunting animals

    Morality & Philosophy

    He is a simple man, he kills what opposes him, gets in his way or what goes to conflict with the laws he is supposed to enforce, namely cardasi law. His philosophy is heavily ruled by strength, and he dispises both those who are above and below him for different reasons. weaker men are below him, and stronger men he envies. There is no feeling of respect in him for others, aside of Lysa, which is the only exception. He only follows Nyr out of fear, not of true commitment.

    Personality Characteristics


    His main motivation is to become more influential and stronger in terms of social and physical power, however this stagnates since he met a dead end as Nyrs guard dog.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Has a certain interest in Aknivir, however his limited language and general reluctance to talk to others make it so nobody knows of this silent admiration.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Silent, Cold, tendency to violence.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Often acts before he thinks, causing him to execute people he better should have left alive etc.   Protects the innocent, at least under the circumstances if someone acts against the law of the land he is currently in.


    Hard to say, since people rarely get a glimpse beneath his armor. However he always reeks of blood and metal.

    Lawful neutral
    Circumstances of Birth
    Born in the Ashlands of Cardas, unknown location
    Biological Sex
    Gender Identity
    bald, with a grey beard
    Skin Tone
    Leathery, grey skin
    280 lbs
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "Your face will meet the Empresses feet. If its attached to your body while it does, that I haven't decided yet."   "I will grant you the first strike. Strike hard, you wont get a second one."
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
  • old cardasi, native
  • english, suppar at best

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