Allatar The Ages of Allatar Timeline
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The Ages of Allatar

Age of Heroes

1100 AH 0 AH

A great evil approaches once more, but the heroes of the world are able to end the encroachment of this threat.

  • 110

    The Formation of the Lightshield Council

    Fandantulus forms the Lightshield Council

  • 127

    Defeat of the Great Evil
    Cultural event

    The heroes of the Lightshield Council defeat the great evil that had swept the land

  • 801

    The Formation of the Human Kingdoms

    The Human people agree to divide their lands into five kingdoms and bring an end to the constant warfare.

Age of Peace

1 AP and beyond

With the end of the threat to the world long averted and the fighting between the growing Human Kingdoms finally stopped, peace reigns for a long time, over a millennia of prosperity and stability is abruptly ended by The Last War

  • 1024


    The Last War
    Military action

    A war that engulfed the entire world

  • 1102

    The War Ends
    Disaster / Destruction

    An arcane disaster ends The Last War