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The Workers Uprising

The workers of the nation of Gentaris, tired of increased taxation and the increasingly unfair policies of the king, Quisik III, led a rebellion that, while brutal and led to the loss of hundreds of lives, was eventually successful. Meaning that @Gentaris is the only one of the human kingdoms to be run as a democracy.

The Conflict


As the old king because increasingly separated from reality, holding elaborate balls with no one invited but his pets, inventing new and bizarre taxes seemingly on a whim, the more the people resented his rule. His Baron’s and Dukes were powerless to stop the kings excesses but feared a loss of power from the violent changing to the status quo and so sided with the king against their people.


Thousands of peasants formed into militas, they were faced with the hundreds of Knights and soldiers of the barons, although many of these soldiers soon deserted to side with their fellow commonfolk as the war went on.


The largest, and deciding, battle was at the Fields of Fortrain, the kings hunting grounds outside the palace, the arrayed militia of the peasantry against the Knights and the remaining soldiery of the barons.


The battle ended as the army of the commonfolk encircled the palace, the barons driven back or fled. The king, at the insistence of the remaining barons, surrendered.    The peace talks were long and hard, the kings faculties having diminished rapidly over the course of the war, but eventually, in exchange for their lives and some land and keeping their castles, the kings and barons argreed to hand over rule to a parliament of the people, with every adult getting a vote in forming their representative parliament.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The Democratic State of Gentra was formed


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