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Sable Aradia

20 October 2053

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Queen Sable Aradia

Sable Aradia is the current reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Lastua. She is a kind and just ruler, but has been known to be firm on policies she cares about to the point of stubbornness. She has a strong distaste for the bureaucracy of ruling, and much prefers to be out and about with her people. Sable is an immensely popular ruler, and is often known by the name of "Sable Bright-Eyes" for her near-constant attempts to lift others up.


Sable has always been a "geek" as the saying goes. She developed an interest in writing and tabletop games, such as the ever-popular Round and About, at a young age, and has been consistently playing them with her peers. She is noted to be the cause of fellow monarch Mark Webb's enjoyment of the game.
Sable is also a somewhat "colourful" figure, with equal numbers of supporters and detractors. Her people embrace her "joie de vivre" philosophy and forgive her foibles, which include a taste for "the three Fs" and an occasionally hot temper. Her detractors slander her aggressively in media publications for these same "Lastuan values." Regardless, most believe that Sable Aradia is genuine in her interactions, including a deep concern for the common people of her nation and a desire to leave the world a better place than when she found it. Indeed, most believe she couldn't hide her true feelings if she tried.
Nonetheless, the Bunny Queen is active on the world stage and in international diplomacy. Lastua is active in NATO and the G10. Cynics often point out that this may be a necessary trait in a Lastuan ruler, since the nation appeared suddenly sandwiched between France, the UK, Algeria and Spain at the end of WWII, and has little natural protection against overland invasion and less unimpeded coastline. There are persistant rumours that she makes use of backroom deals and unconventional allies to maintain her grip on power, and the preeminent place of her nation on the world stage.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Creativity
  • RPGs
  • Reading
  • Combat sports
  • Exploring
  • Space science
  • Speculative fiction
  • General geekiness
  • Helping people believe in themselves
  • Surprises
  • Trying new foods
  • Travel
  • Learning things
  • Dislikes

  • Boredom
  • Math
  • Team sports
  • Waiting
  • Bureaucracy
  • Bullies
  • Cruelty


    Sable, being a Leporid, has tall ears covered in white fur. She is a short individual, being only 152 cm tall. She has a relatively wide build, and maintains a good deal of muscle tone despite her position requiring a good deal of desk work. Most people believe her eyes to be either blue or green, but they are, in fact, both; the left is green and the right is blue, although the difference between the two is subtle.


    Sable fosters and maintains close relationships with those she trusts. Although she can be churlish and irritable when underfed or exhausted, she is generally pleasant to any who care to show her the same courtesy.

    Family Ties

  • Erin Righ = Husband
  • Mykola Aradia-Righ = Daughter
  • Senna Aradia-Righ = Daughter
  • Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Sable Aradia grew up in the chaotic Lapin clan, knowing she was one of several Lapin women who might become the next Queen of Lastua. As a child, she was not very close to her parents, although no one is really sure why, and she expressed little interest in politics. She found more friends with commoners than nobility, and for a time, was associated with the "troublemakers" and "shit-disturbers" in her generation. There were a few incidents that could have been scandals if PR had not done such excellent work in smoothing ruffled feathers.   Something happened to open her eyes, however. Most believe it was getting involved with activism in her late teens. By the time she hit university, she was eager to embrace political science as a field of study — and happy to make gaming friends among the scions of other nations and the Lastuan nobility. She also minored in creative writing and space sciences, and Lastuan arts and its space program have received much funding and active support at her hands.   Sable was a bit of a dark horse in the election in which she came to the Lastuan Throne — but she is the most popular ruler in recent Lastuan history. Occassionally, however, she rubs the nobility the wrong way, in part due to her colourful personality, and in part due to her open-throated support of common people.

    Gender Identity

    Sable identifies as bigender or a "demi-girl," and uses "she" and "they" pronouns interchangeably.


    So you've heard of "ace," or "asexual," right? Well, whatever the opposite end of the spectrum is... that's me. (grin) No, no, I am not a nymphomanic; that's a compulsion, and I have self-control, thank you. I just like sex. A lot. It's fun. Especially with a variety of different people.
    — Sable Aradia Lapin, addressing rumours on the popular Lastuan talk show "La Bouche"


    Sable majored in political science and minored in creative writing and science. She has a Doctorate in political science and a Masters of Arts and Sciences.


    Erin Righ


    Towards Sable Aradia

    Sable Aradia


    Towards Erin Righ

    chaotic good
    Current Status
    Ruling over Lastua
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Queen of Lastua
    48 Years Old
    Date of Birth
    06 March 2006
    Left-green, right-blue
    Salt-and-pepper, chestnut brown, straight, and long enough to hang below her belt when loose
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Beige with a golden undertone
    152 cm
    120 lbs or 54.4 kg
    Aradia, Leporid star-goddess

    Virtue & Vice Values


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