Vikkenbone Seax (/ ˈvɪk kɪn bəʊn / / ˈsæɑks /)

18 October 1238 CE

Spooktober 2023: Sharp

The Vikkenbone Seax is a long, single-edged knife with a bone hilt and silver pommel. The back of the seax is elaborately decorated with inlaid silver wire in geometric patterns. It is said that the blade is enchanted by the Vøkk to never dull, and indeed the blade has never been sharpened on record.
The Vikkenbone Seax is a ceremonial blade used in the execution of traitors, usurpers, and tyrants in the Solmenese Tribes. Execution via this knife is reserved for only the most severe offenders, as legend tells that the femur of the murdered Vikkenling that makes up the handle of the knife absorbs the souls to strengthen the power of the seax.

Created from Murder

The hilt of this seax is made from the left femur of a Vikkenling woman who was brutally murdered by her own father. After her tragic death, her Vikkenling curse of immortality of spirit came into effect. She possessed her own corpse and strangled her father so he could never again hurt another. She then wandered the countryside in search of a blacksmith, her rotting flesh scaring away most. After nearly two years, the murdered Vikkenling found a blacksmith who, while repulsed by her rotted appearance, did not turn her away. She directed the blacksmith to take her bones and, with them, forge a number of items, including the Vikkenbone Seax. She told the blacksmith that they would know what to do with the items when the time came, and dispossessed her corpse.
No one knows what came of the Vikkenling's spirit, or where she may reside now, but the blacksmith forged the items, and found them to be enchanted, though they knew not of magic. The blacksmith guarded the items, determined to find suitable owners for each. It took generations of the blacksmith's apprentices and apprentices' apprentices and so on, but eventually, each item found its place and purpose.
Current Location
Sorgar, Wallin Band
Raw Materials and Components
The femur of a Vikkenling
Overall Length
72 cm
Blade Length
55 cm

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