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The Reliquary

Purpose / Function

The Reliquary serves as an ever growing library that houses all the records annals of history. Everything from plants to animals, weather events, to catastrophic destruction is secured inside and available for every timeline and galaxy created that has been touched by Amserya's hand. It serves as a bastion of fact and research for all of Alenseau, with ironclad rules that are strictly enforced with regards to what can and can not be removed from the confines of the Reliquary itself.


The South Wing:   South Wing: All subjects pertaining to nature. Flora (books as well as samples both pressed and suspended in time for study) Fauna (blood samples from all creatures made, all catalogued) Dirt/Core Samples (from all known galaxies, planets etc.) Water samples (from all bodies of water sampled in galaxies)   The Nature section of the Archives seems to breathe and have a pulse in the thick vines and trees that grow between sturdy shelves. Located in the **South Wing," the books her contains the records of every flora and fauna, as well as ecological events and soil samples dating back to the dawn of creation.   Included in this area is a giant seed bank that holds every single plant that ever has, or will exist. Must obtain special clearance for entry. Absolutely nothing is to be removed from inside the vault itself, as one single seed could provide the catalyst for catastrophic events  
    The East Wing:   East Wing: Two copies of every single book made by mortals, on any galaxy, any planet, any language Also houses the MASSIVE card catalogue for finding your way into the library itself, and what subject one needs. Included in this section are time sentinels (think upgraded Titan constructs) controlled only by Ams, that help any visitors find what they need in an expedited manner.  
    The North Wing:   North Wing: Religion (all galaxies), Recorded Prophecies (highly restricted) and spell books for every single school, derivative, ritual, rune, etc. All sectioned off by specific wards to prevent magics from intertwining in anyway.  
    The West Wing:   West Wing: Law, Government, psychology, philosophy, social sciences etc. Also holds as huge planetarium like component where visitors can 'visit' the other galaxies in relation to where they are, and see how it all interconnects with what they are working on. The Court of the Gods is also here, and serves as a reminder that even those considered 'divine' are still subjected to the rules and laws of the city. Trials, judgment and execution (if necessary) all take place here.  
    Central Chamber   Central Chamber: All mortal stories, regardless of galaxy or location. Only MAIN TIMELINE is storied here. Houses the 'Fixed points in time' stories, all chained up and capable of only being taken the 10 feet to the tables nearby. Links are timelocked, indestructible, and the only set of keys to unlock them, is kept ON Ams at all times  
    Restricted Section   Restricted section: Requires clearance from Ams. Catalogue of wholly dangerous 'no mortal needs this' type of magic items, weapons, armor, etc. Forbidden schools of magic ( things mortals have no idea about) The gods themselves 'stories.' Also includes all FUTURE events, and special access is necessary to view those archives. Also contains a record of all poisons in creation (to include ones that would kill gods),  
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