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Airship Queen Eleanor - tools/sources

  Article: Airship Queen Eleanor  
  • Affinity Photo (for background and some postprocessing)
  • DungeonFog (for the airship, because: bent walls!)
  • Talespire (for Queen's Chamber)
  • GraphicRiver (for all the icons)
  • Patreon (for map resources: Tom Cartos)
  • Commissions (character portraits in the sidebar)
  • Testworld Plot (in Gnomerado) - tools/sources

      Article: Testworld  
  • Watabou Village Generator - Example: Gnomerado Map
  • DungeonDraft - more examples: Prompts 18,19,20 on mapvember-2021
  • Where do I find all the things

  • Mailing Lists, Newsletters, Twitter, Twitch Streams (of other creators, companies, shops, patreon and kickstarter)
  • Noteworthy tools for maps

  • DungeonAlchemist - Examples: most mapvember 2021 maps - mapvember-2021
  • Cold Gnomes Laboratory
  • Gaea - Example: Boranga Mountains
  • Boranga Mountains

    Noteworthy tools for characters portraits

  • Artbreeder - Example: Margo Weedlebeam
  • Margo by Artbreeder
  • HeroForge - Examples: Tragicus Byron
  • Tragicus Byron by HeroForge
  • Second Life - Examples: Tinsel the Gnome
  • Tinsel by Tillerz
    Tinsel by Tillerz


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