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The Priests of Moment

"The moment never wavers but always changes. He is steadfast in helping us but he always shows us how to change with him. He is by our side through every change and we by his side through every part we study. The Great Moment loves us all"


The leader of the priests is the Momentum, they guide the priests in their research. The priests are the middle tier the followers of the moment. And the seekers of change are the people looking to join the cause.

Mythology & Lore

Their mythology lines up with that of the Vesani people except in one area. The priests of moment believe that the changes of the expanse are personified in the great moment a saint of Amentia.

Divine Origins

It is believed among the Vesani people that the expanse was made by Amentia the god of madness. And in praising the change and learning everything you can of it the priests of the moment believe that Amentia and the moment will bless them with the ability to understand and make sense of the madness.

Tenets of Faith

  • The Great Moment will always lead to discoveries, we must simply search for them
  • The Great Moment will keep us safe, never be afraid of the change 
  • The Great Moment will always provide, one must not take to much in the name of study


Worship is primarily done through study. Teams of priests will go into the expanse and study all they can and bring back samples to analyze. They take extensive notes and history on the changes the expanse goes through. The time of the change is considered to be the most holy hours of the day and there is always at least one priest present to witness the change, take note and pray.


The head of the priests, the momentum, is usually given the position when the previous one wishes to step down. It is extremely rare for a momentum to die as nothing born of The Vesania Expanse  dies of age. But when one does die unexpectedly it is usually put to a vote by the priests after showing each other their greatest discoveries.

conquisitor mutationem

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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
11 Jul, 2022 15:41

Nice work! I feel this is the kind of article you might enjoy going back to and expanding after Summercamp! It brings a lot of questions! I also find it an interesting concept that worship is done through study.

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot