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The Judgment of Change

  "It is said that the walkers of the change can see into your heart and mind, that they judge on behalf of the moment. That you can't move even as they walk up to you, even as their mouth opens skin separating from skin. Even as the branches growing from their chest reach out to you. Even as their large claws land next to you, You can't move, to move would imply guilt, to move is to run from the judgment of the Moment himself. Many see the strength of the Change Walker and fear it for they do not understand that it is a gift from The Great Moment. "  -The Momentum 


The Priests of Moment teach that the Change Walkers that stalk the expanse are protectors from The Great Moment sent to protect no matter how monstrous they appear, one must be open to the judgment or suffer the consequences.


All of the Vesani people have heard the myth from one priest or another but the myth has never reached outside of the The Vesania Expanse.  Even the outsiders who travel the expanse have never heard of the judgment of change.

Cultural Reception

Many of the Vesani people do not follow the priests of Moment and are terrified of change walkers, but many have followed the priests for their knowledge of the change and the expanse itself. And take their word as law.

In Art

Many of the priests draw the change walkers in their attempts to better understand them, and few that have survived judgment draw it on every surface they can get their hands on.
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