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Astrum Diaphanous

It is unknown how the Astrum Diaphanous came to be only that a less severe version of it can be caught from the original patients. When scholars from The Guild of Madeisic Legacy asked the two original patients where they had caught such a disease. One said they had caught it in a dream and the other said it was stars of the universe showing their love. The mental cognitions of the patients were tested shortly after.

Transmission & Vectors

It is transmitted through touch, any skin to skin contact spreads it.


The two original patients have more severe symptoms, including blindness, third-degree burns, and a very strange translucency to certain parts of their limbs. As well as a loss of reality and delirium. The subsequent patients have lesser symptoms including cloudy vision (described as seeing bright splotches), smaller second-degree burns, and translucency in smaller sections. Usually, for these types of patients, the symptoms clear up within 1-2 weeks, where as the original patients have shown no sign of recovering.


As the disease is still being studied there is no standard treatment, though many of the scholars suggest those who have contracted it spend time in the sun as that seems to shorten the length of the sickness.  It is also required that any who have contracted it report it to the The Guild of Madeisic Legacy and refrain from any skin-to-skin contact until symptoms have cleared entirely.

Cultural Reception

Those who have contracted the Astrum Diaphanous often have a scary appearance to anyone around them with certain sections of their limbs missing, burns, and the cloudy eyes, that many have been shunned by people even after they recover. Many see it as a sign of bad luck or a prelude to Agony's Delusion though the two are not actually related.
Chronic, Acquired

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