Golems are ancient beings of folktale and legend, drawn on the walls of caves and written about only in the oldest secondary sources. Stories come from all over the world, depicting them in every possible setting and genre but certain details are ubiquitous: golems are guardians and protectors who come to defend their communities right when they are needed most, without fail.   Unlike mechanical constructs or necromantically-piloted skeletons of the modern age, golems are explicitly described as living beings, having souls wrought by wizards, seemingly from nothing. It is for this reason that many ascribe them to folktales, told purely for entertainment and not meant to be believed, for to spontaneously create life from nothing isn't something that could be done even with today's technology, and could not possibly have been thousands of years ago. Others are more hopeful, believing that the technology or magic needed to create them was lost during one of the changings of eras and could one day be discovered again.   Today, golems sometimes feature in children's stories, often accompanying tales espousing the importance of charity, community, and helping those who are unable to help themselves.
Crystal Guardian by illumiinae with Midjourney

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