Fort Castrum Military Base, Aumesa Captaincy

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Fort Castrum Military Base is operated by the Avarian military, located towards the dawnward border of the Aumesa Captaincy. It is part of what is has been nicknamed by those in international intelligence communities the Adamantine Wall of Vacivus. Named for the Vacivus Captaincy which it envelops, Fort Castrum is one of many similar military bases tasked with ensuring the borders of Vacivus are never breached; outsiders are still unsure if they're worried about breaches from the outside or from the inside. Those who work there aren't always sure, either.  

Guarded Garrisons

Those who are stationed at Fort Castrum and other Adamantine Wall bases are not permitted to share details about their experiences there, but some have described it in vague enough terms so as not to risk court-martialing. Some have said it is a cushy, if not somewhat boring posting, while others leave Castrum with thousand yard stares and prayers to never go back.   The Fort itself is quite compact and oblong in shape, its length contributing to the wall which projects from either end. Despite the nickname, the wall is not actually constructed of adamantine. The entire fort encompasses approximately 2000 acres of land.  


Fort Castrum is restricted to military personnel who are assigned to the fort or otherwise have been granted special permission to visit. Family is not permitted to live on nor visit the base. The majority of residents are Genasi men between the ages of thirty and fifty.
Alternative Name(s)
Castrum, The Adamantine Wall of Vacivus
Military, Base
Approx. 1000 military personnel
Owning Organization
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