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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
At any given time, there are only three Archfey: the Sulfuric King, the Crown of Salt, and the Mistress of Mercury. Each ruling over one of the esteemed courts of the Fey Realm, they are the closest thing that the realm of magic and mutability has to true gods, being leagues more powerful than any other fey could hope to achieve in a lifetime. Despite their longevity and– by mortal timelines– seeming changelessness, Archfey are not eternal; they are a title, a state of being metamorphized into for the remainder of an individual's lifetime.   Each court has their own way of locating or selecting a new scion when the present Archfey is entering their twilight years. Aspiring kings of the Sulfur Court must prove themselves in gruelling tournaments, performing increasingly difficult feats of both strength and strategy. Potential Mercurial mistresses are said to be touched by a unique magic at birth, a warped thread of fate detectable by the current Mistress but are always born in greater number than can be seated on the throne, meaning supplicants must often spend decades proving their worth to the current Mistress and her courtiers, hoping that they will be the lucky chosen. The crowns of Salt are chosen from among the numerous progeny of the court's noble houses, all but the house of the current Crown putting forth the finest they have to offer to be paraded about, evaluated, and eventually voted upon by the other houses.   Once a scion has been chosen and the current Archfey's expiry approaches, each undergoes a highly secretive ritual unique to their court which will bring about their predecessor's end and their rise.
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