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Aglasli Hunting Dog

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
A type of large dog originating in the north of Adis, Aglasli hunting dogs were bred for both their strength to haul goods as well as their hunting abilities. Also known as Aglasli hounds, they are considered to be especially effective hunting dogs for their size. While they are not as fast as smaller breeds, Aglasli hounds are built for endurance and have a sense of smell that is exceptional even among dogs, enabling them easily to stalk their prey until it tires.   Outside of working and hunting, Aglasli hunting dogs are known for being gentle giants. They make good family dogs, being very patient and calm around both adults and children. However, because of their friendliness and quiet nature they are considered to a poor choice for guard dogs. Caution is advised when introducing them into houses with smaller animals as their prey drive may lead them to chase and possibly harm other animals.   Aglasli hunting dogs are somewhat noteworthy to linguists and anthropologists as being one of the few beings to be afforded the -li suffix within the Aglasque language. The suffix denotes a tone of formality and respect and is only coupled with the Aglas root when referring to the Aglasli people or to their dogs.
Adult Aglasli Hunting Dog by illumiinae with Midjourney
10-12 years
Average Height
30-35 inches (76-89 cm) at the shoulder
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Cover image: Northern Adis by illumiinae with Midjourney


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