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Neamh is both the name of the planet and city where Clan Naofah lives.

Planet Type
Terrestrial World
forest, hill and mountain, urban


The city of Neamh sits atop crimson cliffs high enough in the sky that from a distance the city almost always appears to be sitting on the clouds. It is the only city on the planet, with the rest of the world a mostly tame wilderness.


The world of Neamh is a sweltering jungle over most of the planet. The animals of the jungle are mostly small, including predators, making it relatively save for to travel through and live within.


The planet's atmosphere and climate are constantly maintained by the Naofah World Ship, which is mostly underground. The sky appears to be in a constant state of near dusk with the system's star along the horizon and the cap of the sky a deep, dark blue; dark enough that stars can be seen. Due to this, there is no night on the world of Neamh.

Ecosystem Cycles

Once every three days, the World Ship controlling the climate will cause rain over various parts of the world. This rain zone travels around the world and can be predicted. The storms that accompany this rain are mild. With energy in the atmosphere constatnly controlled by the World Ship, there are never any devastating storms.

Localized Phenomena

The daily rains cause low hanging clouds that ofetn rest at the base of the city of Neamh. From a distance, this makes the city appear to be floating in clouds. Visitors to Neamh often take shuttles out to a nearby peak to see this effect following the daily rains.

Fauna & Flora

Most animals are small enough to be scared of Illidians. All animals introduced into the wild were hand crafted through genetic maniplulation and approved by An. There are no venomous or poisonous animals on the world, making it completely safe to venture off into the forests.

Natural Resources

It is rumored that somewhere on Neamh, An has learned to grow starstone and is doing so in secret.


Non-Illdians are not allowed on Naofah without an Illidian escort. All offworlders must travel by way of the Alluvian Gate Network.

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