Reading Challenge for WE

10 articles that have inspired me

I've chosen these article based on they almost got no likes at all, and I wanted to give love to those articles which had received less attention and love than other articles. My order is completely random, and unfortunately I've been feeling really tired this whole January and finished this challenge far too late, therefore it might not be very well written, sorry about that in advance.

New year resolution

I haven't really thought of what my resolution would be, but I know I should be focusing on the more major world-building articles such as organisations, my map, and making art to already made articles that still need to have a makeover. My plan is to finish my map for February (I hope this is not too ambitious). Then I will start making research for articles I know of, still not sure exactly when. And the big art overhaul will happen over time, because I'm not too good with own deadlines. In other words, my primarily focus is my map, since I feel like it's the most important step for the other coming articles I've planned.


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