Magaunian Wine

"Come here to get the taste of what Irath'las might taste. The Magaunian wine is the taste of divinity. Come and buy." - Merchant
  The Magaunian wine is probably one of the most exquisite wines that is currently made. No one is exactly sure why it taste so different from other wines, but some speculate that it might be a new grape that gives it sweetness yet dry flavour. It has notes of nuts and berries, and has a red colour with a hint of golden flakes.

The Customers and the Family

It is far from all who can afford this wine, only the most wealthy families indulges in such an expensive taste. The family behind making the wine is known to give their wine for free to get more power in other countries. "One can never have enough houses" as their motto goes, only show that this family is probably the richest in Magaun. The family is called, Avinero, and is one of the few families that have come to nobility late. Because of their wine gifting, their rise to power has gone exponatially up. One of the members of the family is even in the council for the king.


The wine slowly started to appear on the market in a local Magaunian town two decades ago. When people tried it they told their friends and families of the magnificent wine that they had tried. Not long after, all kind of people started to come to town to get wine for themselve. The production were too slow compared to the demands, and the prices started to rise, until the common people no longer could afford the wine.

After hearing of this exquisite and expensive wine, it caught the nobles' attention, and ever since it has been only available to those with money or power.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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