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"The Fangwyrm were known to be the most dangerous snake that existed in middle and nothern Agia."
— Book of Irath. Chapter: Rhyxas' Trials
  The last known records of this species is in the Book of Irath, where it is mentioned twice, both in the chapter called Rhyxas' Trials and in Irath's Search.

Most knows the Fangwyrms in the Book of Irath to be part of a ritual Rathias did to make monsters. However, there is a whole mysterious chapter in Rhyxas' Trials explaining about Rhyxas wanting to catch a Fangwyrm for Rathias, where he is met by a very large Fangwyrm, who almost killed him and the herbalist who helped him capture one. The one they thought was an adult Fangwyrm turned out to be just a baby.
"They are poisonous, but it depends on their glands how much they have, some have more poison than other. Let me give you an advice: do not get bitten!"
— The Herbalist in Rhyxas' Trials

Today, there have not been seen any Fangwyrms for centuries and it is believed to be extinct, making the species more like a legend or a myth.

Basic Information


A Fangwyrm looks like a ordinary common adder or common viper, but has somehow grown to be around three times as large, where some records have written them to be up to 300 cm long.
While most common adders have a varity of colours, some specimens are light brown, while other are very dark brown, the Fangwyrm is brownish, though as closer the specimen lives to Lesaia, the darker they are. All Fangwyrms have a distinct white markings on both their body and head.

Ecology and Habitats

According to the chapter Rhyxas' Trials in the Book of Irath, the Fangwyrms thrive in cooler temperate areas with moors, making the wet areas on the south coast of Northern Agia perfect. They like to bathe in sunlight on the heather, the warmer they are, the faster they are.


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