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Elemental Domain

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It's all a matter of control...   One of the features of the 2.0 Armors is the ability for the younger Ronin to directly manipulate their respective elemental powers without use of their ultimate abilities. This is possible to a reduced degree in sub-armor or even in civilian wear, such as demonstrated by Sage of Halo in Aftermath Ch. 1, "Arise New Evil". The former Dark Warlords are capable of similar abilities through a lifetime of training and their experience with the Dynasty. Even the Armor of Typhoon and the Neo Armors-created independently from the Nine-are capable of exercising the schools of power associated with their Armors. The stronger the Armor/foci wielded and the more practiced the user, the better control and more potent effects are displayed.


Upon being bequeathed their new Armors in the final episode of OVA Message, the guys are seen giving their new abilities a test drive with Rowen, Kento, and Cye exhibiting more precise control of their powers. In Aftermath Ch. 8 The Mutant Warlords, Ryo is able to conjure a swarm of fireballs and direct them at targets with pinpoint precision, later on dubbing this secondary attack "Sky Flare". Sage can channel his light to heal the innocent or harm the wicked, developing the "Piercing Radiance attack". Rowen is able to use his domain to create pockets of breathable air in low-oxygen environments or oxygen deadzones that can knock foes unconscious. There are limits, for example while Rowen can increase the density of air molecules to slow the descent of objects, trying to slow immense weights is extremely taxing.   Being near an Armor Bearer's associated element can massively enhance their potency. Ryo was able to induce a volcanic eruption by using only his other secondary attack "Magma Crack". Conversely they are unable to influence an element if it is diluted or altered beyond its original state. Kento cannot manipulate metal even if it originated from rock and Ryo's Armor functions poorly without enough combustible oxygen.   A variant of this can be exhibited via other means such as with demonic synergy. In the case of Ryo, his Demon Ryo persona is capable of amplifying his Armor of Wildfire and vice versa, boosting it to a level on par with Inferno I. This is due in large part to the fire demon's supernatural nature and affinity to fire rather than a specific magical foci.  
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  Spacequake Ch. 13
"Hey Mia...taking the day off from work today?..." Ryo greeted timidly when he entered the kitchen to find Mia seated at the counter engrossed in her laptop.   "Hmm? Oh, morning there! You slept through breakfast. Everyone else already headed out and about, leaving me with the dishes of course. Even Cye, but he and Brit were heading out of town for the day, I guess to visit his family. So, how you feel?" Mia asked absently.   "Just the same, I guess. A bit drowsy, but otherwise fine..." Ryo shrugged. Mia seemed unusually chipper given what happened the day before. Ryo's gaze strayed to her neck where he spotted the bite scars from the very first time he'd become that monster. They'd never quite healed right or faded, even after so long. Ryo frowned guiltily, wondering if somehow that had allowed the demon to home in on her so easily. "Um...Mia...listen...I...I-" he rubbed the back of his head.   "Well you know what they say, you don't really know someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes," Mia interrupted quickly. Ryo flinched and averted his gaze, sorely wishing he could undo that ordeal. Mia said nothing else and remained focused on her research. She couldn't really blame Ryo, and if anything the experience gave her a deeper appreciation of the burdens he shouldered as a Ronin Warrior. The demon's presence had brought her face to face with a very ugly side of herself, one she'd never believed herself capable of. "Anyway, I've been doing some research regarding our new fanged friend," Mia stated, drawing an awkward glance from Ryo. He made a face when he noticed how eagerly she pursued the subject. She turned to the side and slung her arm over the back of the barstool. "He's not a yokai! He's a daeva!"   "A whata?"   "A daeva! They're incredibly powerful entities featured in ancient Middle Eastern mythology. They're much different from classical devils and spirits, more along the lines of demigods. They're not necessarily 'evil' in the sense we associate with...just...different..." Ryo stood off to the side behind her. "I'm guessing that's why he was able to fly under the radar even with wards all over the area. Think about it: even Whiteblaze couldn't sense anything off, and he was right next to me!" Ryo frowned uneasily at the way Mia delved into the subject like a giddy schoolgirl.


2.0 Armors Elemental Domains by Mardrena
  Elemental domain is an ability exclusive to Armor Bearers or wielders of powerful magical artifacts such as Shannon O'Connor and the Ronin Cross. It cannot be trained, studied, or learned. It can be imbued such as with the original Nine Armors being split from the Armor of Darkness or with Eyurodin binding the Fabric of Being to the Neo Armors. The Armor of Typhoon's ability to manipulate wind could be considered an offshoot of Rowen's power school, but Tanya is only able to direct currents of force while Rowen's domain has more versatility and can be used freely without full Armor, unlike Typhoon which was patterned off the 1.0 Armor structure.      
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  Neo Ronin Ch. 14
"So I been thinking..." Conan began as he and some of the other Neo Ronin walked down the sidewalk as they departed the game bar. "If our powers come from a god...does that make us paladins? I mean, we can't be clerics, right? That'd just be dumb..."   "Regardless of where our powers come from, we should always use them responsibly and practice restraint, even in the heat of battle," Colby commented grimly, still haunted by his actions against the misguided bully-turned-dark sorcerer. Conan frowned sympathetically and hummed in agreement.   Davie hadn't contributed anything to the debate and gazed up idly at the many brilliant billboard screens dotting the skyline. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed some of them flickering before they snowed suddenly and briefly went black before lighting back up with entirely new images. His breath caught in his throat when he saw a set of images like playing cards lying on a table: the Aces of Clubs and Spades along with the respective Eights. He froze and stood staring up at the skyline. It seemed like no one else along the busy sidewalk noticed the sudden change. Just as quickly as the event happened, the billboards flickered once more before reverting back to the usual cheesy advertisements.   Davie stared up at the sky puzzled. It could have just been a quick advertising stunt, but unease nagged at the back of his mind. "Yo! Davie! Keep up man! Can't lose you out here this late. Your mom'd freak!" Harry scolded.   "Huh! Oh! Coming!" Davie called and jogged back up to rejoin the others. He flicked his eyes at the billboards from time to time as the group continued walking, but the display did not reappear again as they headed to the apartment complex where the JJDS lived.
Instead of smashing into the building, the flare split into multiple streams that arced up and down towards the soldiers. The reporter flinched when one arc severed the arm of her captor and another coiled around her and pierced its side.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 18
Rowen’s gaze snapped up when he heard a deafening crunch and his eyes widened in horror. He sprang forward and turned around, raising both hands to the sky. Instead of burying the entrance, the avalanche froze and hovered in the air. “HURRY! He’s buying us time!” Ryo shouted.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 14
Metaphysical, Arcane
“Today we’ll be working on exercising your elemental domains,” Sage began. Like a dutiful student, Emma raised her arm high and waved. “Yes?” Sage nodded at her.   “What’s that?” she asked, curious. To her left stood Conan and Edward, also interested.   “Elemental domain is basically the power attributed to your armor. For example, the Armor of Wildfire draws its power from fire, Halo from light and so on-Conan! I think your ears are clean enough that you can hear what I’m saying!” Sage snapped abruptly and glared at Conan, who currently had his pinkie finger in his right ear.
— Neo Ronin Ch. 5
“Try a little elemental domain!” Kento shouted and held his hand out at the ground. A wall of earth rose up around the Black Unicorn, allowing the stampede to escape. “How you like that? What the-!” They watched in disbelief as the wall began to crumble, and stone turned to dust.
— Fight Alone Ch. 15

Cover image: Elemental Domains Header by Mardrena


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