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The Saints

of the Holy Church of Bornica

The first saints were mythic Cytrian heroes--resembling Greek demigods more than the Catholic model--followed by early leaders of the Church. A couple dozen saints have been canonized since, ranging from military leaders to miracle working healers, but all supposedly in name of the Praverianism. In gameplay, either gods or saints can serve as a Cleric or Paladin's chosen "deity." Devotion to a given saint, however, is
indicative of a character's simultaneous adherence to the Holy Church, since the saints are only worshipped by the Bornican sect of Praverianism. Above all, what separates the saints conceptually from the gods is that most saints lived human lives during recorded history, with the exception of the very first saints, who were mythological figures (in fact, not so different from the gods).

St. Borna

Healing (divine), Scribes, Abstinence
(She/Her, Patron of Bornica)

St. Miesco

Inquisitions, Holy Fire, Purity

St. Thadeus


St. Holda

Miners, Mountain Travel/Survival, Springs
(She/Her, Patron of Hügelwald)

St. Paltar

Salt, Food Preservation, Funerary Rites
When prayed to, he is believed to make one's food stores last longer.
(He/Him, Patron of Columbach)

St. Blasius


St. Dorotha

Childbirth, Pregnancy, Infants (She/Her)

St. Vincentia


St. Militsa

Medicine and Alchemy (She/Her)
Fellowship of Saint Militsa

St. Lyuba

Music, Poetry, Young Lovers
(She/Her, Patron of Avissons)

St. Hassia


St. Velemir

Soldiers, Fighting Skill, Mercy
The Order of Saint Velemir is a holy order of knights who have recently taken an interest in recovering sacred artifacts, though the Church criticizes them for an alleged interest in arcane objects.
(He/Him, Patron of Vrucov)

St. Milivoj

Craftsmanship, Woodcarvers, Transformation (He/Him)

St. Kostian


St. Tyeska

Battle Command, Bravery, Missionaries
Sagan Empress who completed the Cytrian Conquest and largely converted Eastern Aevras to Praverianism. (She/Her)

St. Wielebor

Home, Hearth, Cooking, Familial Protection (He/Him)

St. Pachna

Builders, Masons, Stonemasons (She/Her)

St. Baltasar


St. Dobran

Crops, Farmers, Livestock, Martyrdom
(He/Him, Patron of Braseik)

St. Radus


St. Pietran

Art & Artists, Memorials, Rebellion
(He/Him, Patron of Tilvano)

St. Arnoldus


St. Sopianka


St. Avicia

Maritime Travel, Fishermen, Lake Monsters
She is an Albrundian folk legend dating back to the 1st or 2nd century F.A. The Holy Church likely canonized her to facilitate the Praverian conversion of the region.
(She/Her, Patron of Carnache and St. Avicia)


In order for a person to be canonized as a saint, the Trirada must deem them as someone who has been blessed by the gods, usually through deeds that strengthen the Church's mission. At times this can be a result of witnessed "holy miracles," but many saints are not recorded to have performed any miracles during their lifetime. Post-humous "miracles" have been associated with nearly every saint over the centuries, popularizing the stigma of saints as forms of miracle workers.   Many western Aevrosi saints, however, were technically just local pagan heroes who were canonized throughout the Second Conquest in an attempt to facilitate religious conversion among the western provinces. Aside from two early members of the Trirada, all saints have been canonized after their deaths.
Religious, Pantheon

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