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Sola (SOH-la)

Sola is the goddess of the sun in the Outer Gyrlands, and presides over the concepts of daytime, light, passion, and strength. She is a strongly good-aligned deity, and her radiance and warmth bring hope to her worshipers and all folk across Aetregyr. Known as the Sun Princess or the Day Twin, she is the opposite side of her twin sister Luna, with whom she has a loving but occasionally quarrelsome relationship. She is the daughter of Slauthé, goddess of the Sky, and she is generally a dutiful daughter, though she is generally more passionate and fierce than her mother.

Sola is one of the oldest deities in Aetregyr, as she was present for the Dawn of Life. While not one of the Prime Four Creation Gods, she is only rivaled in power by a handful of other deities. All surface folk, whether acolytes of Lady Flame-Hair or not feel her presence. Even dwellers of the Underdark fear and despise her, despite having no knowledge of her warmth.

Sola's clerics pray for their spells at first light. They kneel in supplicant worship facing toward the east as she rises. Clerics and followers of Sola are often champions for the ideals of good, fierce protectors of the innocent, and messengers of hope to those in the lands of darkness. The faithful of Sola are relentless adversaries of necromancy and the undead. Sola's light is an anathema to the followers of deities of darkness and undeath such as Mordric, Necrostylus, and Vamaré.

Sola is sometimes considered a deity of nature, and is revered by a considerable number of druid groves. Druids who worship Sola emphasize agriculture, the nurturing of plants and animals, and the renewal of springtime. Solan Druids are generally less aloof than those of most enclaves, and often work in conjunction with small agricultural communities and can even serve as the leader of the Church in those places. Such druids are given the same regard and status as priests, although they are not obligated to the Church hierarchy.

Sola's Temples are usually lavish and grand in big cities, with high vaulted chambers, decorations of white and yellow gold, and many large windows to let in the light of the sun. Still, even the smallest of villages will usually have a dedicated shrine to the Sun Princess. Most Churches of Sola try to use their wealth to feed the poor, nurse the sick, and generally give back to their communities, but there are rare exceptions, and unfortunately it is not completely unknown to find a corrupt Church that hoards their wealth and glorifies themselves rather than Sola. When this happens, it can sometimes be difficult for the Church hierarchy to respond, because of the widespread nature of the Faith.

Divine Domains

Elf, Glory, Good, Halfling, Healing, Passion, Protection, Renewal, Strength, Sun

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A female face framed by radiant, golden hair

Physical Description

Facial Features

Radiant White   Skin
Golden Tan   Hair
Long orange-red wisps that appear as tendrils of flame

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

The Sun Princess, The Day Twin, Lady Fire-Mane
Western Gyrlands
Divine Classification
Greater Goddess
Neutral Good
The Sun, Light, Day, Dawn, Heroism, Passion, Renewal, and Strength
Fighters, Heroes, Surface Elves, Halflings
Worshiper Alignments
Favored weapon


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