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Pantheon of Aetregyr

The pantheon of Aetregyr is a diverse one, with many gods to represent the people of the world. The four gods of creation sired a number of children, who had children of their own, and each have claimed areas of worship that made their way to the Gyrlands. The countries of the outer lands tend to worship gods aligned with Good and Law, while the further toward the center of the world you get, the more you find prayers offered to the gods of Evil and Chaos. But in truth, pockets of worship exist for almost all the deities across the world, whether they are tolerated by local governments and populaces or not.

DeityAlignmentPortfolioTypical Worshipers
Aargrad (L) NE Survival, Strength, Endurance Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Barbarians
Abaranth (L) NG Underdogs, Lost Causes, Luck Peasants, Workers, Gamblers, Adventurers
Alauthé (I) CE Shadow, Torture, Seduction, Turmoil Dark elves, Fey, Slavers, Torturers
Barethé (I) LG Time, Passing Ages, Myth Metallic dragons, Sages, Scribes
Bruch (I) LN Invention, Innovation, Engineering, Progress, Metallurgy Gnomes, Dwarves, Builders, Inventors
Cale Highpeake (L) CG Mountains, Highlands, Hardiness, Endurance Highlanders, Dwarves, Adventurers
Crosk (L) CE Reptiles, Swamps, Disease Lizardfolk, Troglodytes, Sahuagin
Drothé (G) N Earth, Caverns, Gold, Mining Dwarves, Gnomes, Miners, Farmers, Monks
Emerisk (L) CN Travel, Roads, Riverways, Trade-winds, Commerce Bards, Merchants, Sailors
Fauste (L) LE Hate, Tyranny, Oppression, Executions, Compacts Tyrants, War-mongers, Fighters, Wizards
Frácos (G) LE Fire, War, Domination Chromatic dragons, Dragon-kin, Sorcerers
Julesev (I) LG Knowledge, Wisdom, Divination, Lore Sages, Wizards, Scholars, Historians, Bards
Karathor (I) CG Strength, Champions, Athletics, Victory Barbarians, Fighters, Athletes, Mercenaries
Kempur (I) LG Justice, Duty, Protection, Honor Paladins, Guardians, Soldiers, Wardens
Kimri (L) LN Deserts, Nomads, Barren Lands Desert dwellers, Sphinxes, Djinn
Lomus (I) LE Trickery, Murder, Lies, Deceit, Villainy Rogues, Assassins, Thugs, Wizards
Luna (G) CG Moon, Night, Dreams, Darkness, Secrets, Intrigue Elves, Spies, Rogues, Bards, Dreamers
Mágosa (G) NG Water, Magic, Rain, Pools, Peace Wizards, Sorcerers, Sailors, Mer-folk, Tritons
Mordric (I) CE Greed, Thievery, Merchants, Bandits, Trickery Rogues, Merchants, Moneylenders
Navres (L) N Beasts, Wilderness, Animals Shape-changers, Druids, Hermits
Necrostylus (G) NE Undeath, Necromancy, Fear, Terror Necromancers, Warlocks, Liches, Vampires
Ohma (L) NE Revenge, Retribution, Vengeance, Hate Dwarves, Mercenaries, Warlocks, Fighters
Pandolfus (G) CN Forests, Trees, Plants, Nature Rangers, Druids, Elves, Gomes, Fey
Sheema (I) NG Beauty, Charm, Love, Healing, Rebirth, Agriculture Half-Elves, Halflings, Bards, Poets, Druids, Farmers
Slauthé (G) CG Air, Sky, Wind, Stars, Storms Elves, Fey, Sailors, Avians, Artists, Poets, Musicians
Sl'grast (I) NE Slaughter, Madness, War, Decay Barbarians, Orcs, Gnolls, Madmen
Sola (G) LG Sun, Light, Day, Passion, Heroism Heroes, Adventurers, Fighters, Elves, Halflings
Tigraa (I) CG Jungles, Cats, Freedom, Rebellion, Grace Kettine, Rebels, Royalty, Jungle dwellers
Vamaré (I) CN Death, Underworld, Grave, Mourning Undertakers, Cemetary Caretakers, Gravediggers, Coroners, Embalmers


The Primary Four (Slauthé, Drothé, Frácos, and Mágosa) were birthed by a cosmic explosion that forms the known universe. Unaware of each other's existence, they spent their formative years creating worlds for themselves out of the Elemental Chaos. These worlds would eventually become the Elemental Planes. Eventually, they discovered that they were not alone in the universe. Seeking each other out, they found they could combine their powers of creation in new and interesting ways. Working together for the first time, they combined forces and expanded into the Astral Sea. They dedicated the next several millennia of their lives serving as architects of the Upper Planes. They utilized energy from the Positive Plane to construct a vast holy paradise.

The gods created celestial beings known collectively as "Celestials" to help them with their work. The most powerful of these were known as Paragons, Solars, and Devas. For the most part, they served their patron gods faithfully, even though some of them had power that rivaled the gods themselves.

After a few thousand years, the second generation of gods were born. Slauthé birthed the sun and moon. She named her twins Luna and Sola. Drothé and Mágosa had a son together, Pandolfus, and gave him domain over the ever expanding wilderness and forests that form wherever earth and water comingle.   As Frácos expanded his power, he discovered that the luminance of his fires were equaled only by the shadow created by his smoke. Within the dark, choking cinder-cloud left in his wake, Vamaré, the goddess of Death was born.

The now expanded pantheon returned to the Inner Planes, and built a new spherical domain simply called "The World". Formed using the Aether from the Ethereal Plane, it was a proto-world; a land of primal roiling chaos.   A significant number of angels settled on the World to help cultivate it for their chosen patron gods and goddesses. These celestials were bound to the World in a magical ceremony and transformed into a new type of being called "Archfey". They became the rulers of this land, many of them forming "Courts" that functioned as fiefdoms and hierarchies, hoping to impose some semblance of order in a world of primordial chaos.

Necrostylus, an Archfey, once in the service of Vamaré, betrayed his mistress, and ascended to Godhood by learning how to cheat death. He fashioned himself as the God of Undeath and amassed an army of undead powerful enough that the other gods decided not to challenge him, but instead banished him to the Negative Energy Plane. Frácos and Vamaré made a pact to follow him there, to ensure his power was kept in check. Frácos formed the Nine Hells, Vamaré formed Hades, and Necrostylus formed the Abyss, using shards of the Negative Energy Plane.

Meanwhile, the Primary Four each agreed to populate the "World" with four races of mortal beings created in their image.   Slauthé created eladrin, the first elves.   Drothé created fomorian giants, who had a penchant for mining and crafting beautiful gems.   Frácos created the gem dragons, who were a beautiful species with crystalline scales.   Mágosa created merfolk, who lived in a vast sea that covered nearly one-half of the World's surface.

Vemaré, seeking to procure a realm for her daughter Alauthé, aided her in a war against the Primary Four to conquer the World. After thousands of years of conflict, a bargain was struck. Alauthé and Vemaré were given one-half of the World to rule. Mágosa's ocean kingdom made up much of the territory given over to form the new "Shadow Realm".

Using the power of the celestial sword Wyrmrazor, Frácos split the most ancient of each type of his beloved gem dragons into ten new types of dragons. These dragons, five of which were chromatic in nature and five of which were metallic, were each imbued with a part of Frácos' personality, and they were akin to a god in and of themselves. In order to procreate, each of the ten are instructed to use Wyrmrazor to shave off scales from their bodies, as each scale would grow into a mortal dragon. The ten god-dragons were instructed to create as many mortal dragons in this way as possible, which helped tip the scales of the war.

After a long period of mourning, Mágosa created a New World on the Prime Material Plane. It was covered by one large ocean, called the Amaranthine, with no continents, or land of any kind, above sea level. She created life but initially restricted herself to non-intelligent sea creatures. She imbued this New World with her magic, but imposed a more rigid system to keep its wild forces in check. The other gods looked on with interest.   As it was no longer the only "world" in the universe anymore, the combined Fey Realm/Shadow Realm became known as the Aetherworld. The newly created world became known as the Material World, and in time, the Prime Material World. Many millennia later, it's inhabitants would name it "Aetregyr".

With the New World in place, Necrostylus made an agreement with Drothé and Frácos to leave the Aetherworld behind. Somehow, he tore a rift into the vast empty seas of the New World. It it is believed that this initial outburst of matter caused millions of miles of land to form in a split second, swirling out from the point of origin. This epicenter became known as the Worldaxle or "Spiraculum", and the landmasses that it created became the Gyrlands. Unwilling to let her new ocean paradise fall in the same way she had lost her kingdom back on the Aetherworld, Mágosa fought back. She urged her followers, the Tritons, to leave the sea, forgoing their gills and water-adaptations in order to fight on land. Those who obeyed her commands became the first humans.   War raged between the armies of Necrostylus and Mágosa and their allies. In the end, Necrostylus was defeated, and his hold on the Prime was nullified. However, many of the armies who fought on his behalf: giants, goblins, orcs, gnolls, kobolds, and more, were allowed to remain.

Many deities aided either Mágosa or Necrostylus during the Bone War, and for better or worse, their followers now resided in plentiful numbers upon this New Prime World. The Aetherworld continued on, mostly unchanged, left under the rulership of the Archfey. But the deities quickly found themselves drawn to Aetregyr, engaged in the cultivation of their acolytes.
Founding Date
Roughly 60,000 years ago.
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
Gods of Aetregyr, The Priorea
God, Goddess


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