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Aeternia is a world defined by its interaction with a unique force known only as "Turmoil". Despite its importance to the world, not much detail is actually known about it. People who study it tend to have bad things happen to them, as it resists most attempts to be contained or controlled. The only defense that consistently works against Turmoil is pure elemental energy.   The regions of Aeternia are broken out mainly by which elementals have historically had stronger presence there (Windscar, Waterscar, Earthscar, Firescar), though there is also the Phantasmagoria, which has a reputation for a strong Turmoil presence. For whatever reason, only the fire elementals are known to have any major presence in Aeternia in modern times. They have claimed a large portion of the Waterscar and Firescar to rule over, called Exignis.   Historically, Exignis has had relatively low Turmoil activity, as population centers would coalesce around fire elementals who had given themselves the title of "Firelords". The relative freedom from Turmoil allowed Exignis to become a powerhouse in technological and social advancements. To top it all off, the fire elementals and mortal races worked together to build a colossal wall, Invictus Una, in the north. The wall drastically reduces Turmoil activity in Exignis even further.