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Aervotal is a mineral found on specific regions of Aervos prime, with the ability to absorb and store magic essence.


Material Characteristics

Aervotal is found in crystal clusters, ranging from palm-sized, to the biggest being human waist height. The crystals have a pinkish purple colour, but change hues when infused with magic.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In a neutral state, Aervotal is usually slightly cold. After absorbing any type of magic, it gains heat, and depending on the type of magic, can get very hot (e.g. Pyromancy infused Aervotal is extremely hot to the touch).

Geology & Geography

Theoretically, Aervotal can appear anywhere on Aervos, as sprouts out of the ground in random locations, even the floating islands. There are areas where more Aervotal can be consistently found however. The north regions of the continent of Oss has the most known Aervotal formations. Other large batches of Aervotal can be found around areas that historically a large magic event take place like the Klantef Temple.

Origin & Source

There are debates as to what causes the emergence of Aervotal crystal clusters. The most well regarded theory is that it appears in response to the use of large amounts of magic. The consistent appearance of it on Oss however, contradicts that theory. This leads scholars knowledgeable about other realms to theorise that it has to do with activity in The Pale Lands.

Life & Expiration

Aervotal can contain magic for an indefinite period of time. Aervotal starts to weaken however, after the magic contained in the crystal is dispelled for any reason. Eventually after enough use the crystal will shatter into a very fine dust, unrecoverable.

History & Usage


Aervotal was responsible for the establishment of economic boom of the Oss provinces. The large batches of crystal clusters, dubbed the Crystal Garden, was discovered by explorers from Fleta. After discovering the significance and value, settlers rushed to the shores of Oss, and trade began with other countries looking to utilise the large amounts of crystal.

Everyday use

Aervotal is used by magic users for many different reasons. Artificer 's will use Aervotal to infuse their items with magic properties. Practitioner's of different types of magic will use Aervotal to store magic essence for varities of reasons.

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