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Welcome to Aeon

Welcome weary wanderer!

You look a little... lost, eh?

Well don't just stand there, come in, come in, you've found shelter for as long as you want it.

Sit yourself down in front of the fire, yes that cozy spot there, that's right, settle yourself in and enjoy some refreshments while we blow away the cobwebs, set that noodle-compass right again, eh?

So where to begin? Ha ha! At the beginning of course, no better place to start an adventure, eh!

Oh, but where are my manners? I do apologise! Introductions!

I am Daramatis, keeper of this place and your host as you sit back and soak in the atmosphere, or perhaps listen to a few tales about the world at large, or even wander the halls and uncover wonders most will never know.

I am thrilled that of the many portals in the neighbourhood you stumbled through mine. Whether by sheer chance or deliberate exercise of will my only wish is for your time here to be a pleasant distraction from the world outside.

You are of course entirely free to leave the warmth of this place at any time; should a splinter of fond memory or niggling curiosity have gotten under your skin then the portal will always be open and the fire crackling in the hearth awaiting your return.

Whether you wish to merely nibble at the edges, gorge until comatose, or prefer something in between, I endeavour to satisfy any appetite for knowledge of Aeon; there are many directions to this place, many paths, chambers and vaults to pass through or linger in, and many more which will mysteriously appear in time. So I leave it to you and your own sense of wanderlust to decide your particular journey.

I shall be around, somewhere, no doubt unearthing old mysteries, unlocking new doors or even redecorating the shabier recesses of the place; I may still be found if needed but I have to admit my hearing isn't as good as it used to be and I may miss any call for help so I have imposed on an old friend of mine to help fill in any details required.

His name is Iaro Gaunt, a talking skull who fancies himself an authority on all things Aeonic, and to be completely honest, he is.

I will try to pop back and see you every now and then but in the meantime do please enjoy immersing yourself here as deeply and as often as your mind, heart and soul desires.

Your grateful host,


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