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Iaro Gaunt


You ask about me?

My surprise should be understandable; oh, not that you should know my name but that you do not know my tragic tale.

Very well, I shall enlighten you.

I am a living skull.

I am a living skull, and I will debate the meaning of "life" and the very nature of existence for hours.

Cursed centuries ago to exist solely within my own shrunken skull with no physical stimulus, I have "wandered" Aeon in the presence of many who considered themselves my "owner"; having performed as sage, confidante, trophy, plaything, bookend and doorstop.

No, I shall not elaborate on "plaything"!

I have outlived all of them, all of these self-titled "owners", most of whom suffered a horrible fate.



A consequence of my longevity and global gallivanting is an unparalleled encyclopaedic knowledge of, frankly everything.

So, there you have the bare bones of Iaro Gaunt, as it were.

And no, you may not ask about the curse!


  • Highly intelligent.
  • Quick-witted sarcasm.
  • Acerbic.
  • Cursed to inhabit his own shrunken skull.
  • Information "sponge", an almost living encyclopedia.


Cover image: by Unsplash: Guillermo Ferla


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