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The capital city of Sulamynen.

The location has been inhabited for centuries, long before the city you now see around you.

From nothing more than a collection of hovels it has evolved to become the jewel of enlightenment, the custodian of knowledge, the bastion of law and champion of peaceful coexistence.

There are many factors which make this area conducive to such sustained habitation.

  • The confluence of two major rivers provides plentiful fresh water, transportation deeper into Sulamynen, and abundant fertile agricultural lands to sustain a population.
  • The Sanctuary Isle to the East shields the coast from the worst of the storms that roll off the Shimmering Sea. That same sea contains significant fishing grounds which have been important since the earliest inhabitants settled here.
  • The area has important natural defensive properties, and indeed has never, to date, been successfully overrun by foe or fiend.

Before the calamity brought about by the Flare some 4,000 years ago, the nation of Sulamynen did not exist, and Sulatas was a small town named Shield in the Human-claimed lands. At that time Humans, Dwarves, Arborians and Hedgemere ruled their own domains, rarely interacting, occasionally clashing.

The Brightstar lineage stewarded the human lands from Brightstar Keep until 1251 when Warwick Brightstar dissolved the kingdom of the northern humans and together with his wife Kaelyn were elected the first Basileis of Sulamynen, the new Fusion nation.

This new nation, founded by the Fusion Accord with significant aid from the displaced Elves, brought together those fragmented Human, Dwarven, Arborian and Hedgemere domains as a place of unity for all the races of Aeon.

There are many structures in the city crafted to reflect the diverse skills of their builders:

  • of crystal grown by the Elves,
  • of mnemonomorphic rock shaped by the Dwarves,
  • of wilderness tended by the Arborians,
  • of magic spun by the Hedgemere,
  • of brick, stone, gem and timber, fused together by the Humans.

Major landmarks include:
  • Brightstar Barracks
  • Confluence Lake
  • Garden of Tears
  • Greenbough Orchard
  • Hashaa Lake Gardens
  • Illuminated Avenue
  • Karr Kess Arena
  • Open Assembly of Representatives Council Chambers
  • Prism Park
  • Sepulchre of the Flare Fallen
  • Sulatas Castle on Monument Hill
  • Swordswathe Academy (The Academy of War)
  • The Amber Archives
  • The Apex Chambers
  • The Brightstar and Bloodstone rivers
  • The College of Alteration
  • The Elemental Towers of the Sodality of Leigha
  • The Temple of Serenity on the Isle of Vision
  • Truthfinder Prison
  • Unity Square
  • Vaults of the Ancestors


  • The City of Sulatas
  • The Justice Centrum
Circa 1251

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Arborean
  • Hedgemere
  • Mer
  • Minotaur
  • Half-elf
  • Elf
Avian, Oryx, Gnomes and other exotic races are to be found but in very small numbers.

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