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The paladin class has, perhaps, the biggest change from the standard versions in traditional RPGs such as Pathfinder RPG or Dungeons & Dragons. The central theme of this change is that paladins on Aeleon are not all lawful good in alignment.   Paladins who serve any god other than The Three will function as always. They must, however, understand that servants of the Three will always attempt to kill them whenever they are found. As such, paladins of other orders (see Knights of Caipharos for example) must often operate mostly in secret as opposed to the traditional open, brazen, challenge your foes to a deathmatch style that is traditional for paladins.  

Paladin of the Three

A paladin who serves one of the Three must use one of the Paladin of the Three alternate paladin classes. These paladins are all good aligned. However, the other half of their alignment changes to match their deity's alignment. While a paladin of Kethos would still be lawful good, a paladin of Myklizant would be neutral good and a paladin of Chintar would be chaotic good.   There are further changes to the paladin class features as detailed in each alternate paladin class that affect paladins of that god.

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