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Intermarriage between the races is quite common and mixed blood individuals are common as a result. Aside from the blending of gnomes and halflings mentioned earlier, marriage is also common between humans and elves, humans and orcs, and dwarves and halflings.  

Rules for Mixed-Bloods

Characters who are mixed-bloods will select one race as their dominant ancestry. This race will contribute the most to their physical and mental traits and will serve as the base for their stats. They will then select three other races to serve as their secondary races. One or two of these may be the same as their primary. For example, the character may select elf as their primary slot and their secondary slots may be elf, human and human.   Mixed-bloods will adjust their primary race based on influences from their secondary race slots. A detailed worksheet will be added later, but at a high level, the following character blocks will be adjusted based on the secondary races:
  • Base stats
  • Physical traits (height, weight, etc)
  • Racial traits (limited number of primary race traits can be swapped out for traits from secondary races
  • Other non-stat physical traits such as ear shape, eye color, etc as desired by the player to add flair to their character
  More to come on this later....

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