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Bard of Myth

When some bards reach a certain level of notoriety, they may come to the notice of the The Society of Myth. If the Society deems the bard worthy of inclusion, they may be invited to join.



Character must have at least 6 class levels of bard (Pathfinder/3.5e/5e) and have adventured in more than one nation of the world. Access to this prestige class is only by invitation from an existing member of the Society (PC or NPC).

Career Progression

Bard of Myth progression is the same as a normal Bard on Aeleon.

Other Benefits

The bardic knowledge penalty for society members is reduced to -15 plus 1 additional reduction in penalty for each level they have been a member of the society in good standing.


Social Status

Bards of Myth in the public eye exist as a normal bard and cannot reveal anything about their true nature.

Bards of Myth are an illegal society. If their true nature is discovered, they will be arrested, interrogated and executed.
Used By

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