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Below even the deepest caves and caverns of the surface lies the underdark, a vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. It has become host of warped creatures, unfamiliar with the sun, as the underdark is absent of any natural light. Within this world below, the duergar have constructed a massive city that rivals even grandest settlements of Clan Firebeard. In fact, the city of Dulfarum resides within the underdark underneath the Burnt Mountains as well, serving as the nemesis to Kazad Bryn.


The city of Dulfarum is made up of both free and enslaved inhabitants, primarily composed of duergar from Clan Ashrock. About a third of the population consists of slaves, namely goblins, dwarves, and orcs. Many visiting merchants will visit Dulfarum, including fellow duergar and drow.   Free:
  • 86% Duergar
  • 12% Orog
  • 2% Durzagon
  • 39% Goblin
  • 29% Dwarf
  • 19% Orc
  • 9% Svirfneblin
  • 4% Human

Points of interest

Intermingled with the city walls and extending out within the underdark is the notorious Fungal Forest, known for its overwhelmingly large mushrooms and alien-like fungi. From time to time, without explanation, large sections of the forest become withered and decayed, revealing undisturbed caverns. Mushrooms of all sizes grow here, ranging from ordinary forest fungi to caps that rival great trees. The forest is said to be inhabited by myconids as well as insects of enormous size. Deadly spore clouds linger amidst the forest, some even hallucinogenic in nature.


Below the deepest depths and nearly five miles beneath the Burnt Mountains lies Dulfarum, a settlement governed and dominated by the Duergar of Clan Ashrock. It can be found almost directly below Kazad Bryn and wars have been fought over its dominion between the dwarves and duergar. Access to Dulfarum could be achieved by traveling through the caves beneath the dwarven city, tunnels from the golden hills, and most notably in the structured tunnels beneath the great Vermilion Apex, guarded by the tyrant red dragon Ashardalon known as Brightflame.
Large city
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14 Jan, 2023 02:45

An intriguing setting. I'd like to see more details such as special buildings and something of the activities that occur there. Do you plan to eventually expand on why the forest periodically withers?