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Grimme Tidings Session 1

General Summary

The party figured out that Sulroth was turning into a new Jabberwocky, which explained some of his symptoms. They soon encountered their old friend Cheshire along the road, who told them that he knew someone in the nearby village of Leuftjager who could help, and that Sulroth needed to be returned to the Wonderlands to cure his condition, but only one person could help...the Red Queen!   After offering a new draw from his deck, and the party getting many negative cards, Cheshire told them to look for two men in Leuftjager who had a mirror that would allow travel to the The Wonderlands . Upon arriving, the PCs headed to the inn, Das jagermeister. There, the barkeep directed the heroes to two gentlemen, Jakkob and Willhelm Grimme , who were authors writing books about the monsters they encounter in their travels. They knew that a nearby lumberjack's children had gone missing into the forest (the Schwarzer Wald ) and if the party would help the brothers would allow them to use their mirror.   The PCs investigated, talking to the lumberjack to find out the children had possibly gone looking for some powerful fairy in the woods that could help bring their mother back. Following the trail, they eventually encountered a house made of candy and gingerbread..and a kindly old woman who lived inside (who Fildafink Stumbleduck was initially enamored with). When Naivara attempted to open the trap door in the floor, things got nasty and Rosina's four gingerbread man guardians attacked.   The battle was a tough one with Fildafink, Zuljien both going down and Drannor nearly going down before Rosina was defeated. Defeated, her illusion dropped and she was revealed to be a green hag..just as her house began to crumble. The children were rescued and returned, but Naivara disappeared (thanks to the Donjon card from Cheshire's deck).

Rewards Granted

14,000gp, 1750pp, 5 golden ladles worth 750gp each
Manual of Bodily Health
Spellguard Shield
Blade of Clan Lostore

Missions/Quests Completed

Rescued Hans and Greta from Rosina Leckermaul

Created Content

Blade of Clan Lostore

Report Date
20 Apr 2018
Primary Location
Schwarzer Wald
Secondary Location

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