Emme Ya Tolo

Emme Ya Tolo is an exotic, stable Boson star that orbits Sigi Tolo on a period of about 6.3 Earth years, at a distance of 4.25AU. Adin and its moons, in turn, orbit Emma Ya Tolo on a much shorter period. The odd gravitic forces keep Adin's orbit stable at only 0.8AU, and only pull slightly at Sigi Tolo and Po Tolo. Emme Ya Tolo appears as a translucent, slightly irregular sphere that distorts light that passes through it. It does not provide significant light to Adin, but is much larger in the sky and often occludes the other stars with its light warping body. There are deep red veins of luminescent matter streaking through the body of the star, as it entrapped immense amounts of material from Po Tolo when it shed its red giant phase into a planetary nebula and turned into a white dwarf.
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