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“Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep it to a minimum. No one has ever eliminated any of that stuff, it would be folly to try”
Alan Greenspan
Gargauth (gar-goth) embodies the inevitable decay and corruption that accompanies all self-serving, greedy, and power-hungry leaders and groups. Gargauth’s malevolency and cruelty are made all the worse by the veneer of civility and compassion he wears when first encountered. Gargauth holds to the letter of any agreement, not the spirit, and relishes betraying anyone with whom he forges a pact by twisting the contract to serve his own ends. Gargauth is a master strategist, and his sense of humor moderates his temper. He can be erudite, charming, and genteel, but his true nature always reveals itself eventually. In truth, the Lord Who Watches is utterly depraved, the incarnation of evil most foul.


Gargauth appears as a fanged and clawed humanoid with horns and jagged shards of bone jutting out of his face and back. When manifesting for the first time to people, he wears an intricate guise meant to convey his handsomeness (he rarely manifests as female) and nobility, but can't help but revert to his true form over one to four months - however, by the time this reversion becomes apparent, he has usually corrupted those he appears to so that they would not realize this - only beings who first meet him after this reversion has taken place would realize that his appearance is a facade.


Gargauth comes off as a personable sage in most of his encounters. Regardless of the species he manifests as, people will almost always find him to be the most charming, amusing and knowledgeable being that they had ever met.

Clergy and Temples

The church of Gargauth is a secretive faith, although there are some significant exceptions. Clerics work to increase their personal power, the power of the church, and, by extension, the power of Gargauth. Clerics are expected to be Gargauth’s eyes and ears throughout Abios. They are to entice and corrupt powerful individuals and leaders in communities throughout Abios and bind them into strict contracts favorable to Gargauth’s goals. They seek to seize positions of power whenever possible and integrate their positions into the secretive hierarchy of the faith. Gargauth has directed his followers to undermine other evil faiths and steal their worshipers rather than waste energy in conflicts with good deities.
Clerics of Gargauth pray for their spells at dusk, when night first begins to corrupt the day. The church of Gargauth celebrates two holy days. The Unveiling occurs each Midwinter night. This horrific ceremony, believed to involve many gruesome sacrifices, heralds the imminent time when Gargauth seizes Abios as his unholy kingdom and transports it to Baator to form the Tenth Pit of Hell. The Binding is celebrated on the eve of the Feast of the Moon. It is a personal ritual in which each cleric renews his eternal contract with Gargauth, trading absolute fealty for increased power. This unholy ritual is believed to involve personal sacrifices of money, magic, and hoarded knowledge and the casting of many horrific spells. Gargauth’s clergy mark all agreements with signed contracts consecrated in the name of the Lord Who Watches. Many clerics also train as divine disciples or sorcerers.


Life is all about the accumulation of power. Civilization is a thin veneer over the base desires that make up the core of every living being. Those who wish to survive and prosper must recognize this truth and concentrate all their resources on the pursuit of power. To achieve power one should use one's charms and honeyed words or a barbed and bloody dagger as appropriate for the situation. It is more important to rule that to sit on the throne. Keep to the letter of any agreement and the rules established by those more powerful, but be prepared to twist any contract or stricture so as to maximize the benefit you receive.
The Teachings of Gargauth


Gargauth is opposed to many evil deities, Bane, Cyric, Loviatar, Shar and Talona all count themselves as Gargauth's foes. Gargauth does not seek allies due to his nature as a loner, preferring to directly control minions instead. However, he can count on the support of the archdevils of baator, including Asmodeus, who is perhaps his closest ally.


Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Hidden Lord
  • The Lord Who Watches
  • The Lost Lord of the Pit
  • The Outcast
  • The Tenth Lord of Nine
Broken animal horn
Astaroth, Gargoth
Prime Material Plane
Former Home
Lawful Evil
Corrupt leaders and politicians, sorcerers, traitors
Holy Days
The Unveiling, The Binding


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