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Share some common idioms and phrases from a culture in your world.
Adagians is a form of vulgar words in the Maisin Settlements. It comes from the monster known as Adagi, a ruthless monster that terrorised most of the lands, giving it massive craters from it's strength. 200 Years later and most people have still been scarred by the occasion. The vulgar insults however spawned from the Maisin Gamb Agency, tossed around by its rude, rough, fiendish journalists. They started off as just Adagi, often used by the Boss, often saying;
Yeah you stupid adagi, go eat up some children.
Go mate with the rest of your idiots, ya Adagi!
Soon, it began to spread from the agency to Maisin Maw, and other islands. Mainly, it was used in Boatlandia by Creo Ignam to his crew and more. They would shift from place to place, but would mainly take form of a large monster, such as the Kraken, The Tarrasque or even The Eagle Titan . Even the ways said would change, before then being called Adagians. They are often used by the rudest of individuals, who have no care of others affected in the event. Those who most commonly use it are races that have a shorter life span than others, such as Kobolds, Humans, Orcs and more. 

Notable Users:

Notable Adagians -   
  • Adagi
  • Adagian
  • Adaging
  • Adaged
  • Kraki 
  • Krakended
  • Krakening
  • Kraken
  • Tarrasqi
  • Tarrasquian
  • Tarrasqued

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