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A common material in the world, famous for storing magic power. This component is used in various crafts.


Powerstone is a crystallization of magic. Its size, shape, color, shine, density, power and hardness can vary greatly from a stone to another. It is at the center of many crafts but is also used for many things related to magic.


In alchemy, powerstone is the amplifier that concentrate and magnify the effect of the herbs and other components used to make potions, elixirs and poisons. It is used to create the alchemical base where reagents will be diluted.


Powerstone has various usages in enchantments.
It is used to create enchanting tools such as magic pen, magic ink and magic parchment. Those tools combined allow the scripture of magic scroll which upon reading will release the spell captured within.
Purified as a power crystal, it is enshrined in magical catalysts weapons such as staffs, sceptres and focus to give them magic properties.
In its crystal form, it is also combined with monster parts possessing magic properties to create enchanting runes and glyphs to be applied to equipment.

Magic rituals

In many incantations and magic rituals, powerstone is used as a convector of magic, allowing a certain stability in its flow throughout the process.

Magic Fuel

A long time ago, during the ancient eras of the Eldar, and more recently, before the cataclysm, magic was more advanced and was mixed with science creating a new domain called Technomagic. Technomagicals artefacts from this eras still exist nowadays and often requires a magic fuel to properly work. This magic fuel is none other than a powerstone.


Powerstone can be extracted from many sources. It is but only the hardening of the magic energy that flows everywhere. this hardening of the magic flows tend to happen more commonly in areas where the flow of magic is already dense. When a powerstone appear, it is very small at first, merely like a grain of sand. With time, it will condensate the flow of magic around it and slowly grow bigger.
In the wild, powerstone can be found embedded anywhere in minerals and plants but are scarce. Even if it is done with the utmost care, extracting the powerstone from its original place will stop its growth forever.
Living beings can also possess a powerstone embedded in their body. Although extremely rare, it has been observed sometimes in human, Ereldars and other sentient species.
Some monster species or creatures with magic abilities are known to often or always possess powerstone crystals. Very few even produce it, like it is the case for the Crystalback Hedgehog

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