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Gravesong Crow (GRAYV-song CROW)

In the medieval villages of the clans, a murder of crows holds great spiritual significance. According to ancient lore, these corvid harbingers detect when death is near and gather to escort the deceased's soul into the afterlife. When someone is close to passing, the crows will congregate near the village or home of the dying individual. Their loud caws are believed to signal the impending death to both the living and the soul soon to depart its earthly vessel. The villagers call these birds Gravysong crows, named for their mournful cries that seem to sing the song of the grave.   Once death occurs, the Gravysong crows fall silent in reverence. They patiently wait to perform their duty of guiding the newly freed soul on its journey to the beyond. Their black feathers starkly contrast against the pale face of the deceased, yet lend an aura of mystique to the morbid ritual.   In some accounts, the crows forming a murder at deaths are thought to contain deceased ancestors or family members who knew the dying individual when they were alive. Their familiar presence brings comfort to the person as they transition into the next world. Elders claim to recognize the unique cries of crows that once belonged to those they loved.   After death, the Gravysong crows take to the skies to ceremonially circle the village before disappearing into the distance. This marks the soul's ascension and successful transition out of the mortal realm. The spiraling flight path etched against the dusk sky serves as a final farewell.   The villages view the crows as both harbingers of death and spiritual escorts for the deceased. While their appearance may come as an ominous sign, it also reassures that a loved one will not pass on alone. The crows are seen as custodians of the soul and their murders are treated with respect.   Though the origins of corvid messengers in clan culture remains obscured by the mists of time, their significance at both life's end and the journey beyond remains an integral part of spiritual beliefs. The villagers take solace in knowing that when the Gravysong crows gather, a soul never crosses over alone.
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