Foil Ants

Ley Lines are home to all manner of supernatural creature, arcanist  and traveller.  The life energy found there is the basic sustenance for some creatures and the source of power for others.  But no matter how powerful the magic or the creature, few willingly stand in the path of the creeping foil.   These ants are about the size of rats, covered in a chitin of supernatural chrome and travel in the millions along ley lines at the speed of a quick jog.  They eat anything supernatural or that posesses PPE or ISP, leaving none in their wake.  As they blanket the every surface they crawl upon, from a distance they appear as if the landscape is covered with aluminum foil.  Thus their name.

Basic Information


These ants are identical to common ants, except they are the size of rats and their exoskeletons are comprised of a mega damage chrome substance.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike any normal ants, there are no queens, males or any other traditional social or hierarchical structure.  These ants reproduce by self-destruction.  When they come in contact with another living organism, they expel the contents of their abdomens into the organism, killing themselves in the process.   The targeted organism must be larger than the ants to be considered viable.     Within mere minutes, eggs grow in the organism.  Within a day, new ants explode out of it and continue the process.   If a foil ant is killed by anything other than fire, even normal fire will suffice for this, the abdomen explodes into a cloud of green gas.  If this gas is ingested. it will cause eggs to form in the pulmonary system of those who breathe it.  They start suffering fatigue.  Lose all their Power points and their power point regeneration.  Each egg requires three power points to gestate.  Once formed, they will be expelled from the victim by coughing.  Once all the eggs are coughed out, the victim will begin to recover fatigue and power points as normal and will suffer no further.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The ants require power points to live, much like Psi Stalkers.  As a result they stay mostly to Ley Lines and Nexus Points, subsisting on the energy there and preying on the other creatures that can be found there.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The chitin of Foil Ants can be harvested, turned into a powder and used as an ingredient in Megadamage composites.  Such composites can be used for industrial applications requiring megadamage protection.  It has not yet been incorporated into mass-produced armor, but the potential is there for an industrious entrepreneur.  (there are rumors of a laser-resistant mosaic armor made from the chrome chitin, but it can not be found in any store and so remains just a rumor)   Ant harvesting is a lucrative profession for the adventurous and foolhardy.  There is always a demand for Megadamage materials.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Foil Ants tend not to travel in areas of extreme cold, and they sink readily so they will not cross bodies of water unless the water is shallow enough for them to create a bridge out of their kin.  (note it takes a day for them to drown, so usually any that sink may actually find their way to the shoreline in a random direction if they make it in time)

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because the surface of their eyes is also made of the same chrome substance, they are blind.  They must use their other senses to compensate.  They can sense vibrations through their legs and body hairs and their antennae still retain their ability to sense chemicals and power (PPE and ISP).
Conservation Status
This species is a menace, a plague, and there is no risk of them ever becoming endangered.

Cover image: Chrome Ant by Anthony Hearsey


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