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Leonid Dynasty

They tore the Hegemony apart to sate their ambition and did nothing with all the power they acquired. Seldom has there been a group more deserving of being forgotten.
— Amelian IV.
Known alternatively as the "Leonid Dynasty", "First Usurpers", or "Traitorous Trifecta", the Leonids were a short-lived series of Emperors of the Fourth Tarquinnian Hegemony in the early 31st Century. Coming to power with the support of the Eastern Army, the Leonids would rule eastern Vardania from 3017 DA till 3034 DA, with the majority of their reign being characterized by conflict with the nominally Senior Emperors of the Severan Dynasty.  
  • Leontinian the Arrogant (r. 3017 - 3021 DA)
    Founder of the Dynasty. His rebellion in 3017 would bring the family to power. Largely managed to pacify his part of the realm before succumbing to stomach cancer in late 3021.
  • Leon (r. 3017/3021 - 3028 DA)
    Eldest son of Leontinian, he was designated as "Legatus Imperii" soon after his father's coronation, making him the heir apparent. Few records remain of his reign, and most deal with some form of conflict against the Feran Warlords to his east.
  • Leonides (r. 3026/3028 - 3034 DA)
    As the only surviving son of Leon, Leonides became Emperor more out of a drive to preserve the dynasty rather than qualification. A brute by any measure, his reign saw multiple failed attempts to conquer Anrak and culminated in a disastrous civil war against the Western Emperor Gratian II., which eventually saw him killed by the latter's son Arcadianus in 3034 DA.
All they did was show more competent warlords the way to the throne. A useless lot by any measure.
— Alisena Khivan, Vitrian Poet

3017 DA - 3034 DA

Political, Family
Parent Organization
Southern Cuisine   Perhaps the only achievement of the Leonids was the introduction of Elamite Figs into Vardanian Cuisine. Leon especially is said to have imported them by the thousands during his reign.  

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