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The Elements of the World

The bases for all things

The fabric of this world is made up of a number of elements. Primal forces that can't be denied. They make up all things, make the rules by how the cosmos function. Therefore all magic manipulates at least one element.

Basic Elements

Basic Elements are the raw forces of nature. They make up the basis for all other things. All that is and ever will be exist because of this six elements.


The element of heat and light. Where their is light, there is energy. And where there is energy there is heat. This element is one of the two elements of destruction. Fire will consume all but a handful of other elements in its path. It will burn wood, scorch earth, cook flesh and melt metal. But it is also the only path to creating things of metal.


The first element of life. Water comes in many forms. From liquid to ice and vapor and all in between. All things that live need water, for all living things are part water. All liquids that come from living things are based on this element. Blood, juice, nectar and sap are all versions of water. Those one of the first rules of this world is, where there is water there life blooms. But water is also the element of cold and the cause of winter.


The second element of life. All things that live above water needs air to live. Air is the invisible vapor that gives life and creates winds and storms. Together whit water and lighting it creates and rules the weather of the world.


The element of raw power. The mystical fire of the heavens. We know very little about this element except that it holds great power. Power that can destroy in a way not even fire can.


The last element of life. It is the root of all life, and in the long run the home of all living things. The earth makes up all the highest mountains and the lowest deeps of both earth and sea. It is in the earth that plants grow and we are all in part made of this element. And in the end we shall all return to it. It is the element of civilization and one of three elements that can't be controlled by wizards.


The element of weapons and tools. Metal is the element of greater creation. Whit out metal we could not craft great palaces out of rock or carve mighty ships out of trees. It is the element of civilization and one of three elements that can't be controlled by wizards.

Higher Elements

The three higher elements are the elements of the metaphysical. This are the mystical elements of the living.


The element of thoughts and dreams. The spirit is the most complex and elusive of elements. It is the will that wizards use to direct their magic. And it is what a persons mind and persona is made of. It is the root of all thought and the creator of all dreams. It even has its own plan of existence in the form of the Mist.


The element of growth and change. If the spirit is what our souls are made out of life is what our bodies are made out of. Life creates and fuels all things that walk, fly, swim or grows in the earth. It is the element of true creation.


The element of decay and rot. The element of death is the power that draws all living things towards there doom. It is the great keeper of balance whit in the world. Whit out death change would not come or far, far slower. Death is the thing that sees to it that even the things that are given the greatest of gift, life, one day return to the cosmos that gave birth to it.

The Core Element

The core elements are the elements that bind all other elements together. They are the forces that affect all things at all times.


The element that rules all others. The one element that is, and is not, all other elements at once. Through this element a wizard could rule almost all other elements whit their minds and will.


The element of change. Time will always move forward, things will change and noting can stop this. Time is the last of the three elements wizard can't manipulate whit magic. And most of the wise agree that if they could, they should not do so. For time is the one element that needs to stay the same.
The Prime law of the cosmos as we understand it

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