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Streaming News, Updates and Shout Outs

How is this dance of orcs and elfs going?

Greetings dear readers.   In this article I shall tell you wants up in my world building stream at whatever point in time we are. I do this because I like to keep you my followers informed on how things are going in this dance. Below I will write said updates whit the date closest to now at the top and earlier dates slowly going lower and lower down.  

6 September 2020

Update on the merging of my worlds. The main world has now changed name, and those all of the links in the text's are now broken. Which I will fix, in the future. But as a father I have to prioritize my little girl.  

24 June 2020

I would like to tell you guys three things.
First of I would like to thank you who kept on following my world(s), even though I haven't been updating them much lately.
Second I am now a father, my baby girl was born 7 weeks ago. So I will be rather busy talking care of her, whit help from my lovely wife.
And lastly I am going to merge all of my worlds into one. Using this world as the base for that project. Tho it will take some time for me to do so, what whit my baby girl and all.  

17 April 2020

Shout out time! I would like to make a number of Shout outs, first of to people whom have become followers of my worlds, tho one of said worlds don't exist anymore... Sadly.   So, thank you to: NorthWhiteWolf, Nightelf, Loremaster Aemon, Lenosallose, Lumidian, Wolmoon12, JMTyranny, Crockr, LoboGuara5bruxaria and jlficks for following my worlds. Also a extra special thanks to: Lenosallose, Lumidian, JMTyranny and Loremaster Aemon for likening my work.  

16 April 2020

Greetings and salutations dearest followers. Thank you all for following my first world. Many of you might be wondering what I have been doing this last half-year. The answer is a lot. Mostly I have been learning DnD, and running my first ever campaign.   I have been working on other worlds, a brand new DnD class, but most importantly I have been preparing myself for a great adventure. You see dearest followers in one month time my first child is do to be born.   Tomorrow I shall be thinking a number of you for starting to follow this world.  

23 October 2019

Greetings all. Some of you might think that I must have more or less abandoned WA. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I have been putting a lot of work into my newest world: Warcraft and Wizardry . And the DnD campaign I am now running. So if you want to see what I have been up to, please check out WnW.  

20 Jun 2019

As some of you might have noticed I have been updating a lot of stuff recently. Seeming on random, but that is not the case. I have been exchanging all " - " whit " / ", in my quotes.  

10 Jun 2019

Now I done it. I got a guild membership! Now to make far to many worlds and drafts! And test all the guild features!  

2 Jun 2019

My work is now really picking up steam. I may well soon join the guild, for a time at any rate, I am also thinking about geting campfire and adding game elements to both of my worlds. But we shall see. There are also loose plans for me to learn how to play D&D. But we shall see. I feel that this summer will be a good time for me.  

17 May 2019

And now I am back from my honeymoon whit Crusader Kings 2. Properly this time. I'll start of small and focus on geting back into writing on a regular basis. And I shall do that my writing what I want when I want to and noting more.  

7 April 2019

As some of you might remember I got Crusader Kings 2 the 15 February. After that I have more or less been playing said game every free moment I get. But now as I grow tired of my first campaign I think the honeymoon is over.   I will still recommend CK2 to all of you. Especially any of you interested in feudalism, tribal or medieval governments. Or dynasty story's.   In my first campaign a elderly, fat viking king once killed a enemy commander for trying to kill his pet cat. That is a thing that can happen in this game.  

15 February 2019

So here's what happened lately. I got wonderdraft, which I love, and those it has taken some of my writing time. I have also just installed Crusader Kings II, so I will be playing that for a bit, to learn how it works and so on. So, that is why work will be a bit slow here on world anvil. Hopefully I will get inspired soon and do a lot of work on both of my worlds.   Also "Warriors and Wizards" are now "Guns and Guts and Gods". I will be keeping only the two species I really loved from "Warriors and Wizards". The setting is new, and more different from "A dance of orcs and elves". I might turn "Guns and Guts and Gods" into a RPG, but we shall see.  

26 January 2019

The reason I have not been working as much as I normally do, especially when we have a fun challenge. Is because me and my wife have/had, not sure... The flu. We both have had high fevers and ergo all I could be for a few days was drink and sleep. And eat a few bites... and sleep some more. But now we are on the mends and I hope to be well enough to go to work on monday.  

18 January 2019

Form today my other world Wizards and Warriors will have a "Streaming News and Updates" article as well. Said world is doing okay, taking in to account how short a time it's existed. Now this wont mean I will forget about this world. The dance will go on, but it will go whit out updating from time to time. WnW could use a little love and as always I welcome feedback here or on my discord.  

9 January 2019

Do to repeated spam-bots I have imposed a 10 minutes membership before postning on the Discord server.  

7 January 2019

Today is the first day I worked at all here on World Anvil this year. In part because I have found a new game that I have fallen for. And because I simply haven't felt like writing after World Ember. I think the feeling of having to write hurt my lust for it. In any case today I am going back into the game. And I did so by creating my second world: Eardima. It is as I said brand new and only has one rather short article as of yet. But given time I hope it will grow into something interesting.  

30 December 2018

Today will be the very last time I write here this year. Tomorrow I shall do other things, like geting drunk and being pissed at ppl whom scare my dog. As I write this last words of this year I am up to 17045 words. Not all that bad.  

17 December 2018

Today the end begins! As of friday, or maybe saturday, I'll be on break over Xmas and the New Year.   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

6 December 2018

I seam to have lost my writing lust. So I will most likely not be writing any more this week. Maybe I'll feel more up to it next week.  

30 November 2018

As I write this there are only 10 hours left until World Ember starts. This will in other words be the last of this updates for a long time. I wish all my fellow world builders good luck whit World Ember. I look forward to at the very least earn a badge. But whom knows. In any case I shall do my very best.   If you want to wish me good luck to you can do so in the comments or on my Discord.  

27 November 2018

Today, I'll be putting "Tags" on all articles. Sorry if it seams that I am spamming. I will also be making a short list of things I plan to do during World Ember.  

22 November 2018

As we grow closer and closer to World Ember I'll be making ready for said event. Part of this will be trying the complete things that are already a thing. Another part will be a number of articles that are far from done, yet published will be made in the drafts. This will include articles in The Culture Codex, maybe The Codex of Magic and The World Codex. The articles that are removed from the public will return sometime next year as World Ember will last until the new year.  

19 November 2018

Today I completed the last of my spells, or "magic arts" as their called in the Dance. It feels good to be as good as done whit magic.  

15 November 2018

I am still working on fixing the broken links. Ergo all the revisits to older articles. I am hoping to be dine soon.  

14 November 2018

The word "elf's" is replaced whit "elves". This could break a few links, please tell me if that happens!   Same day edit
No, it seams that it brok all of the links... *sigh*! I'll fix it as soon as I can. But please tell me if you find a link that I have missde. Starting tomorrow.  

13 November 2018

In prep for World Ember, I will from now on, until december only work whit articles I allredy created. What will I focus on during World Ember? I'll tell you just before december.   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

12 November 2018

Coming soon to the dance. TAGS!   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

9 November 2018

I'll be taking a break from magic. I will instead work on Cultures. That will most likely take alot of time. But I think I'll find it more fun to do. This will start next week, as for right now I'll will be busy whit my IRL.   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

6 November 2018

I forgot to do this yesterday, so I'll do it now. Magic won whit one vote! And I have all ready done some work on magic. I will also be working a bite more on that. But after that I'll do something ells. Most likely life forms.   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

2 November 2018

The dance now have a Discord! Feel free to join, and talk to me, or one another about the dance.  

1 November 2018

I feel that I might get a bite stuck on Necromancy, Shamanisim and the like. Should I keep going in that direction or should I turn back to Cultures? Or maybe start filling out the bestiary whit more fun/magical/dangerous species? What do you think? You have till next Monday. In the meantime I'll take a gaming break from the anvil... Most of the time...  

27 October 2018

I am going to stop using terms like "the coming days", because that would just be me lieing. Instead I will say things like "next" and "soon".   So next I will be working on Cultures and Magic again. For how long? As long, as it needs or I feel like.   I am also thinkning about starting a Discord group.   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

25 October 2018

It is time for me to have a look at time. The comming days I'll be editing the time lines. New avents will be created and old ones will be updates.   P.s. This was a mobile update, so please forgive any bad spelling.  

23 October 2018

Baltazarism will be my focus right now. But I will be back to cultures soon... Ish.  

20 October 2018

Today I corrected a number of my early work. The reason was that corrections where needed. Both grammar and spelling was of.  

17 October 2018

I am planing to really get into all of the cultures I have only just started on. But as I feel that I want to do all of them at once I will be releasing a lot of half finished stuff in the near future. The plan is to write a number of what I call "Mainstays" of this cultures and then move on to the next culture. The rest will be coming soon tho, that's a promise!

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Cover image: Orc vs Elf by Un Lee AKA Unn89


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