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A Introduction to ADOOAE

Why do orcs and elfs dance?

Greetings one and all to the magical world of "A dance of orcs and elfs".   Here is a few things you need to know about said world. And in extension me!   When I was a kid I told my mom that I felt sorry for the big bad wolf. And ever since then I have some level of sympathy or fascination whit the "Bad guys". I have been in love whit all incarnation of the orcs and I often wondered why they had to be the "bad guys".   Then I read G.R.R.M's great books. They where a revelation to me as they toke the old rules of evil vs good and cast them aside. There for there are not really any clear evil nation or overlord in this world. Sure there are tyrants and monsters, but there all human or wild beasts in there behavior.   There are also no absolute facts that can't be questioned. There are no clear prof of any gods and many things are unsolved mysteries. And that's the way it should be if you where to ask me.   Things get lost in the mists of time. People misunderstand things written millennia before there birth because the world was different then. Even if you could come up whit a 100% factual history of your fictional world I don't think you should. Because that's not how history truly works.  


For a look at the latest plans for my work here follow this link.  

I clicked a link and here I am, WTF?!

Ah, that... Well I will be using this as a temporary address for articles I plan on creating but haven't created yet.  

(Coming soon)

You'll see that text, and next to noting ells, on many of my articles. That's because I like to make a big picture plan before I complete just a few things. All of those articles will indeed soon... ish be completed.  

Why so slow?

The reason why it takes me a lot of time to wright stuff and fill this site whit all the info of my world is threefold. For one, English is not my native language. And for another I have dyslexia, wow! Did I spell that correctly at my first try? Yay, me! Anyway that's the main two reasons.   The third being that I at times get distracted by other stuff like video games, my life, my dogs, my wife or other parts of my world building.  

Help Wanted

Now I am a word smith. But I am not a artist, when I draw it's... Fine, at best! And the images I use are for the most part, placeholders. And some of said images contradicts the descriptions. So if you ARE a true artist, and like my work. I would welcome your help whit replacing some of the images.   But not the home site cover! That is perfect! Unless you think you could do the same...ish thing but better.  

Mobile updates

At times I might update this world whit my mobile. When I do I will most likely do så in swedish. And translat later.   The reason is that my mobilen autocorect is set to swedish and I have dyslexia. Hoppas you understand.  

Uncategorized Articles

This articles are all sub-articles. They are not realy uncategorized. I inform you of this because I hate disorder.

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Cover image: Orc vs Elf by Un Lee AKA Unn89


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