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World Ember 2020 Pledge

This article contains an overview for my goals for WorldEmber. My primary goal is to write 10k words. The articles in the table below are stubs of the articles I will be working on. Each article belongs to one of six templates.   As preparation I will finish the new Meta section and remove the current Meta article.  
The core of this setting and the main focus of WorldEmber. I defined these factions in my meta article on Factions in the notes section of my world. The goal here is to have a good overview article on each of those factions. Each should have a section on Structure (Social / Political), Public & Internal Agenda, Active Operations / Programms, Memberorganisations / Subdivisions. Some extra sections might be useful for some specific factions.
The six settlements articles focus on New York City as a whole and its five boroughs. The goal of these articles is to give an overview of the actual city and boroughs. May include a history section. This will be related to some research and potentially maps.
A secondary goal is to improve my character article writing. It is not something I have done a lot in the past. It includes a wide variation in characters.
The ranks are important positions within the organizations outlined above. The rank will include an overview of the duties and privilges of the position and an historical overview of how it came to be.
The ethnicity focus on the remaining vampire lineages. These articles should focus on the related lore / legends and factions dominated by these lineages. And specifically their presence in New York. The Wyandot article is more of a research article and as a hub for lore related to the Wyandot nations.
The Adirondack Mountains are the secondary location in the setting. It will include images, geological history, overview about contained locations, flora & fauna and more. The special territory will act as a prototype article for all the special territories. Which will be a corner-stone of the political organization of supernatural factions.

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Nov 9, 2020 14:37 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like how you've formatted this as goals for the different article types, rather than just a list of articles. I'm really interested in the character articles, in particular! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 9, 2020 15:05

Thanks!   This was actually inspired by Davina, who has one article per template. Which is way too much for me, but these sections are based on a slightly cleaned up list of my stubs which existed in the world anyway :)

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